Sunday, August 2, 2009


I''ve had a really good weekend, if I do say so myself. Saturday was busy but my evening sure was nice. Shout out to the big O/MCO;-)

Today in LA, after going to church, my roommate Erica and I went to Palos Verdes for the day. Erica's boss Chad has a brother named Ethan Moreau who plays professional ice hockey for the Edmonton Oilers. Actually he's the team captain, "eh"?. (Joke for all the Canadians out there lol)

He and his family are spending the off-season/summer at a resort in Palos Verdes and so he invited Erica and I to come and spend the day. We went there at around 2pm and didn't leave till about 10:30pm. We had such a beautiful day. You would think that being from The Bahamas I would have spent many days laying around poolside or at the beach but today was actually the very first time in my life that I just put on a swimsuit and just laid out on a lounge chair.
I've never been a fan of just sitting in the blazing sun, never seen the point really. Just sweat to death and burn your skin? Why, lol? The weather today was PERFECT though - not too hot, not too humid - just nice and warm and pleasant and I actually enjoyed it.

Erica, myself and Ornella, Ethan's wife sat around eating and having drinks and just having good ol' girl talk. We actually didn't even go in the pool.

Later on when it was getting a little cooler, we moved nearer the fire pit and had some more good conversation with Ethan.

After a quick shower, we all headed for dinner within the resort compound. This place was fantastic, completely self-contained. This was the view from their suite.

We had a lovely meal, with some great people and I swear it almost felt to me like I was away on vacation somewhere. It didn't feel like LA at all to be honest. It's always interesting to me to talk with professional athletes from other sports just to see what their life and sport is really like. It's gonna be great to go to some Oilers/Kings games next season!

After dinner, we bid our goodbyes and drove back down the reality:-( "Vacation" over. It sure was a fun day and I'm pretty tired but I had an awesome time, made some good friends and got a chance to see how the other half lives, even if only for one afternoon:-)


Joice said...

Hurts to be you Jackie Jack Jack

Love the bikini


Jim and Garret said...

Looks pretty! Are you sure it was LA?

Mizrepresent said...

Awe,that was really nice, an i enjoyed the pictures. ANd i lol about sitting around the blazing sun, just sweat to death and burn your skin. Ditto!

Robyn said...

lets trade places