Friday, October 23, 2009


While I was away, I had a pretty interesting conversation with my girls Kinta and Latika, the essence of which was as follows....For the life of me, I have never understood people who brag or boast or place such a heavy emphasis on how they look, most specifically, on how pretty or handsome they are. To me, it's actually a sign of insecurity or shallowness or the fact that something else is missing.

Cause let's be real, no one who is pretty or beautiful or fine had very much of anything to do with that fact. OK, so maybe you wash your face every night and drink lots of water so your skin is nice or you wear sunblock or you know how to apply makeup really well, but when it comes down to the raw basics, I'm gonna say you were just lucky! I say if you wanna brag or boast something, or thank somebody maybe you should thank your parents for having such great genes.

Thank God too, for genetic symmetry and for Him seeing fit to bless you with it. Beauty is not like a sport where you have to work really hard day in and day out to accomplish a goal; it's not an instrument where you have to practice consistently to be proficient at it; it's not a language that you studied really hard at in order to be fluent; it's not a degree that you worked for and so therefore proudly get to put those letters either before or after your name.It's not even like your body where you can actually really workout and sculpt it to achieve the look you want. Beauty is none of those things! You can't/don't earn it. And it is fleeting.

There will come a day when this crutch, so superficial and temporary, will fade and what will be left? I say work on the inside and that beauty which lasts forever. Give me an average looking person with a heart of gold any day over a stunner with that snob, better than thou attitude.

If you hang your hat on your looks and ride that so hard to the deficit of things that really matter in your life, it's really only a matter of time before the ugliness that narcicissm inherently fosters will show itself. And that is definitely NOT a good look. Now if you happen to have both, looks and character/personality, then more power to you. Who doesn't want to look the best they can? But it just shouldn't be THE feather in your cap. Your looks should not define who you are as a person cause guess what?'s only skin deep!

PS. After a conversation I just had, let me clarify myself lol. I think there's nothing wrong with being confident about your appearance and putting time and effort into making sure you present yourself well. It matters for sure. I'm just saying, if you are confident or proud of your looks, there's no need to brag about it or to feel that anyone else is less than you because of it. It should speak silently for itself.

****I had a WONDERFUL trip!!!! There's really nothing better than getting to spend time with your friends and people who you love and care about. Everyone took such great care of the cripple, lol, and I am so grateful. From great food (bacon wrapped scallops, wow!!!), great conversations, some much needed QT, a great movie (you gotta see Law Abiding Citizen!!!), and just great hospitality all around and lovely homes, I couldn't have asked for more. Thanks everyone:-)****

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


If you have not yet heard Robin Thicke's new song "Sexual Therapy" you are definitely missing out and all I can say is Lord.Have.Mercy!!!! This is what I call "baby making music", lol. The song is beautiful and sexy and you could probably get into a whole lotta trouble if you are with that special someone:-) It has a Maxwell sort of feel. I don't really need to say much more except to say listen at your own risk lol.......

I went to the Dr. a couple days ago to have my cast changed and my leg is looking like a little kid's - not attractive, let me tell you! The incision is really long, about 4 to 5 inches but from the looks of things, my scar won't be too bad. I'm gonna be taking a trip tomorrow and will be seeing some of my favorite people while I'm gone. In spite of the hassle that I will have to endure with the crutches and being wheeled around in a wheelchair through the airports, etc, it's definitely going to be worth it!! I probably won't be blogging while I'm gone cause I'll be otherwise occupied.... Hope you all have a great weekend. I know I will:-)

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Do any of you have a "ride or die" friend? Someone who you would do anything for and vice versa? Well for the past 8 days, my friend Joice has been here in LA visiting me. When we originally planned for her to come down, we had no idea that my Achilles surgery would have ended up being the day before her arrival. Once I found out, I made the offer to her to come at another time where she wouldn't be dealing with an invalid, but she said no, that she would be perfectly fine coming regardless.

To say that we had a lovely time would be an understatement...we had a really really good time! I cannot begin to express to her how much I appreciate her time, her friendship and her concern. Joice was the best caretaker a girl could ask for:-) I live in a 3 storey apartment and for a person taking Vicodin for several days, negotiating steps on crutches would not have probably been such a good idea. She did everything for me from making my breakfast nutrition shakes every morning, to driving us to and from everywhere we went, to carrying my bags for me, running errands with me, going to the dr with me, to getting things out of my closet that I couldn't necessarily reach. Joice you spoiled me and in fact you did SUCH a good job taking care of me that I haven't left the house since you left this morning because I think I've convinced myself that I need you:-/ (I think I was just going through withdrawals lol - I'll get out and go to church tomorrow).

She never complained about anything and really and truly showed me the depth and breadth of our friendship. I tried my best to show her a good time in spite of my incapacitation. We went to church, we went to The Comedy Store one night, we went shoe shopping (don't think a little surgery is gonna stop that!!), we went out to eat a bunch of times,we went to the nail salon for my 3rd ever pedicure, we went to Melrose Ave. AND we went to several drug and beauty supply stores.....Joice's all time favorite past time, lol.

Anyway, I just wanted her to know how much I appreciate the time she spent with me. It's something I'll always remember.The time flew by and my girl has gone and left me BUT since I will be in Atlanta next weekend, we"ll definitely be hooking up again.

Here are a few pics from our week together....

Ms. Joice herself

Me, Joice and my friend Kai

Me getting my pedicure

The end result...

Me trying on my new pair of shoes at the store (well one foot at least lol)

Joice doing the same

Close up shot of Joice's shoes (she didn't buy them, Boo!!:-/)

At a park in Culver City with my "leg weight" - this cast is SO heavy!!!!

Me and Joicie:-)

I miss you already my sister........

Monday, October 5, 2009


So yesterday I was feeling well enough to head out to church and since my girl Joice is in town visiting and doing her best "nurse Maduaka" impersonation:-), I really wanted to take her to my church so she could see where I spend my Sunday mornings and so I could go to the House of The Lord myself and give thanks to Him for bringing me through my surgery safe and sound. It was a bit of struggle - picture wearing heels on my left leg, a super heavy/thick temporary cast/splint on my right leg, trying to keep my purse on my shoulder and not look too crazy while crutching down the aisle to my seat:-( but it was definitely worth it!

It was a great service as usual at First AME Los Angeles but we had a special treat by a 100 Voice choir from Tokyo, Japan. Who knew they got down like that in Tokyo?? They sang two songs and I THOROUGHLY enjoyed their performances, so much so that I stood up on my crutches throughout their songs just so that I could see better and fully appreciated their talent.

I just checked on Youtube and luckily someone has posted some personal video clips of them singing yesterday. It's not the best quality but I just wanted to give you an idea of what they sounded and looked like. Try to watch it all the way through so you can see them lol! I'm sure it will bring a smile to your face because they were fantastic. Enjoy!