Saturday, August 15, 2009


This afternoon, I was invited to a pool party by ex-NFL player Marcellus Wiley. He was the host and the party was held at The Custom Hotel, a modern boutique hotel near LAX. I took my girls Peggy, Tasha D, and my roommate Coen with me to enjoy the afternoon of fun.

We got there around 2pm and there weren't that many people yet but knowing "our" people:-), considering the party started at 12, it shouldn't have really been too much of a surprise.

By about 3:30 though, the place was pretty packed with everyone from Paul Pierce from the Celtics, to Toccara (model from America's Next Top Model - she's a lot smaller than I thought she would be), to Jill Marie Jones from Girlfriends to Hosea Chanchez from The Game.

It's funny, cause I am the worst with names (I just had to look those names up). I'll remember a face in a second but ask me to tell you a name and I come up blank. The whole day we were like, isn't that so-and-so, lol, not knowing anyone's name but just knowing we had seen them somewhere in some thing before.

It never ceases to amaze me what some women will wear to these types of events. I know it was a pool party and all but do you HAVE to have all your business on display?? I saw some of the teeniest, tiniest swimsuits out there. Now some of these ladies looked great and in those cases, more power to them. BUT, there were definitely some decisions that let's just say, they should have been revisited, lol. Anyway, I really do have to give it up to women of all shapes and sizes who feel confident enough and comfortable to "let it all hang out" no matter what. That is definitely something to be admired (to a degree;-/).

We left a couple hours ago but the party will be going on till 2am but after 5hrs of fun in the sun, the ladies and myself had had enough. We met some really cool people, ran into some old friends, ate good food and thoroughly enjoyed just people watching.

Someone else invited me out tonight as well, but I'm pooped. Enough is enough. Plus I need to rest up so I can wake up and watch World Championships tomorrow online/on TV. They got underway today and the finals of the men's 100m and the showdown between Usain Bolt, Tyson Gay and Asafa Powell, if he runs to his potential, should be one to remember! I will definitely be watching.


Anonymous said...

Yeeeeeah! It's hard to go wrong with the sun, celebs, and half-naked women running In all seriousness, it looks like you all enjoyed yourself and to think that you did it without skimpy bathing suits.

Oh, if you are into sci-fi flicks, check out 'District 9'-it is a great movie!

Mizrepresent said...

Well i just came to check you out bc Usain won! Hey girl, glad you had a great time!

anonymousnupe said...

Did someone really take a picture of your little cadre from seemingly across the room? LOL!

And I think it's only fitting that you post pictures of these scantily clad harlots so that we may commiserate with your disgust!

Garret of Jim and Garret said...

Sounds fun. Unfortunately, I don't know any of the people you mentioned. LOL