Sunday, May 31, 2009


I'm sitting here watching the MTV Music Awards and I just saw something that made be say "Oh no he didn't!!!" Without saying anything else, all I'm gonna say is watch this clip and tell me whether you think it was staged or real. I'm still not sure but if it was real, then Eminem's people are probably on the hunt for Bruno's (Sasha Baren Cohen of Borat fame) people and there will be trouble......

Really though? He put his behind in Eminem's face!!!!!! And so close too! Ewwwww!!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009


A couple days ago, I was listening to the Michael Baisden Talk Radio Show in the afternoon as I do most afternoons and he had a segment on Stupid Cheaters. I thoroughly enjoy listening to this show and usually find his commentary both enlightening and entertaining. Well this afternoon turned out to be no different as he had people calling in who had either been caught cheating themselves or were the persons who had caught someone else.

This lady called in and said that she had come home early one day after telling her husband that she wouldn't be home until 5pm. Her silly husband, thinking the coast was clear, had the indecency to bring a lady home and take her up to his bedroom that he sleeps in with his wife!

Suffice to say, she came home, caught him "mid activity" lol, so there was no denying it and this fool proceeded to pull the front of his t-shirt, that he still had on, over his head and pretend it wasn't him???!!!! She said he jumped up and ran around and left the poor other woman just lying there in the bed on her back. And if he couldn't be any dumber, she said as he was running away, she yelled out his name and he turned back around towards her in response to his name.

What an idiot, lol??!!! I could envision the whole thing in my head and I laughed SO hard as I pictured this mostly naked guy running around with his t-shirt over his head, trying to pretend he was someone else. LOL!!!!! Michael Baisden said that the difference between men and women cheaters is that men are messy and usually get caught because they slip up but women don't usually get caught until they are tired of the situation they're in and just don't care one way or the other so they just do whatever. Interesting....

*****GO LAKERS!!!!!! Last night, my Lakers won again and now the score in the series is Lakers 3, Nuggets 2. One more to go! Let's wrap this up in Denver!! Sorry Dave, I don't think you're gonna get your dream match-up of Magic/Nuggets, lol but u can go to the Lakers/Magic series and give me the play by play:-) I'm just playin' DO, just playin'........

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Yesterday turned out to be a pretty great day all around. First of all my LAKERS won!!! Way to go!!!! Let's make this series short and sweet....I know, I know, easier said than done but a girl can wish right??

I've been toying around with the idea of wearing bangs again. It's a "luxury" I can't usually indulge in, simple as it may sound, because I'm usually training and sweating and those two things don't go well with a black woman's hair and bangs. They end up getting sweated out from day one and just sticking onto your forehead...not a good look. Now that I have some time off, albeit involuntary, and sweat isn't oozing from my pores on a daily basis, I decided to try it again. I soon found out that my bangs had grown a little too long for me to see properly

and so I had to kinda part them in the middle and sweep them to the sides. The decisions us girls have to make, lol.

Anyway, so last night, my boy Chris Spencer (who I'm sure without him I'd have NO social life) shot me a text and invited me to meet him and his good friend Boris Kodjoe at this club in Studio City. Now for those of you who don't know, Mr. Kodjoe is an actor and he's pretty darned easy on the eyes:-)
Plus since I don't know the last time I actually went to a real club that wasn't a comedy club and since I figured I'd enjoy the "view" lol, I said I'm in. I called up my girls from Great Britain, Joice's homies Tasha D. and Emma and asked them to join me.

Emma, me - wearing flat shoes:-(, and Tash

Tasha D. is the Olympic bronze medalist from Beijing in the women's 400m hurdles and Emma runs on Great Britain's 4X100m relay team. My ladies showed up and we headed out. We got to the club and not that much was happening but I'm a glass half full kinda girl so I knew we'd have fun regardless. Chris and Boris showed up shortly after us and Chris took us over to the VIP area. Trust me, that status was not reserved for us ladies lol but for Boris. We soon found out why because we had a first hand view of exactly how CRAZY, WILD and DESPERATE some chicks can be when it comes to a good looking male celebrity. All I can say is OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!! Between the one girl who sneaked into the area and started doing some dirty dirty dancing and some of the things he told us some of the women who were approaching him when he briefly ventured out into the general area were saying and trying to do, I was in shock and awe. I was appalled really! I would write what they were saying but since this is a 'G' rated blog, I'll let you let your minds run wild and I'm sure it still won't top some of the things these women and I use that word loosely, were bold enough to say. Now I'm accustomed to being around a good looking guy:-) but this was just outta control!!!

We ended up having a really good time though and laughed the night away and apparently there are a whole lotta dances u can do as long as u have one good leg, lol. Also, turns out Boris went to see the same Dr in Toronto that I saw when he injured his leg playing basketball a few years ago. At closing time, we all headed to Jerry's Deli and sat there and chopped it up for another hour or so. The conversation with the boys was REALLY spicy and interesting, lol but mum's the word:-) By the time we were done, it was about 3am and we decided that we should finally head home. I think I laughed so much, my stomach and head hurt but I had such an awesome evening, I made a new friend and I really just enjoyed myself.

OK what are you gonna invite me to next and how are you gonna top this????

Saturday, May 23, 2009



Take happiness and laughter
mix thoroughly with romance.
Add hugs, pecks,
and sprinkle with kisses.
Bind with pleasure
and bake with faith.
Serve with endless love.

-Jephthah Adotey -


Love is a strange and beautiful thing,
It spans time and space, distance is no object to love.
You will wait forever for the one you love,
Travel wherever you need to be with them.
When you are in the arms of the one you love,
That love can make a moment last a lifetime,
Yet make a lifetime seem no more than a moment.
When love is distant it grows strong,
When it returns it flowers.
People crave it, strive for it, fight for it, and die for it,
And when they find it, they know they are complete.
For in the arms of the one we love is wholeness,
Belief, completeness, passion, and security.
The one we love is someone for whom we would do anything,
And never ask for anything in return.
It produces a love of all that person is and will ever be,
Regardless of what that may mean to me.
Love knows that when you are away,
That you are still loved, cherished, thought after, and missed
By the one you love,
And they know that you love them back.
That is Love.

- Nicolas Blackmore -


I wait for you,
anxious to see your face.

I stand and watch,
looking for the first sign of your arrival.

I finally see you,
I take a second look to make sure you're really there.

My pulse races and I crack a smile,
this is what I've been waiting for.

You begin to approach,
you say, "Sorry, I'm late."

I say, "No problem."
But I think to myself, 'I'd have waited forever.'

- Jordan Jones-


One look
One smile
One touch
One embrace
One kiss
One love
Two people
Two minds
Two souls
Two destinies
One road
One journey
One ending

- Melissa Higgins -

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


On Monday, I was fortunate enough to be at home to catch the episode of Oprah that day. There was a young girl named Charice Pempengco on there singing a song written by Diane Warren called A Note To God. She's Filipino and she's only 17 years old. I really don't have adequate words to describe how absolutely AWESOME this girl's voice is so I won't say anything else except....enjoy!!

Monday, May 18, 2009


So last night at about 8:45pm, I was sitting upstairs watching TV with my roommate Erica when all of a sudden the entire room started shaking and trembling and if you live in LA, you know right away what is going on....and I thought "here we go again!!!!" EARTHQUAKE!!!! I've heard different reports about the magnitude of it - some say 4.7, some say 5.0. Either way, it wasn't any fun.

I grabbed on to the arms of the love seat I was sitting on and just prayed that the rattling would stop quickly and that nothing would fall on me. All I kept thinking, was great, if I need to run somewhere for cover or outside or something, I'm plum outta luck cause there's no running happening with this bum leg of mine:-(

Thankfully it lasted less than 10 seconds I think and I tried to regain my composure. No matter how many times you go through it, it's a little bit terrifying. The biggest one I've been in was 7.1 and TRUST ME when I say, I really thought I was gonna die or something, lol because, of course it was my very first earthquake experience! I thought a train was passing by, then I thought, ok the world is ending. I was "fresh of the boat" so to speak from The Bahamas, so I had no idea what the heck was going on and in retrospect, it was pretty funny because I just ran outside and just kept on running - I'm still not sure where I was headed, but I was gonna get there as fast as I could.

Anyway, alls well here in LA. There wasn't too much damage done apart from the windows shattering in several buildings. In the meantime, we resume our normal lives and hope and pray that THE BIG ONE, doesn't happen any time soon!

****On another note, my LAKERS handled their business last night!!!!!!Woohoo!!!!! Next up, the Denver Nuggets in the Western Conference Finals. Now, don't get me wrong, I know that Denver is a formidable opponent, but I think we're up for the challenge. Sorry D.O......the Nuggets are going DOWN, lol!!!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


The shoe show, that is. So those of you who know me and those of you who've followed my blog long enough, know that I'm nothing if not an avid shoe shopper. More of a shoe-aholic, truth be told. I even wrote a blog about it a few months ago.

Well, I'd have to say that one of the major drawbacks of having a bum foot is the fact that I cannot wear most of my favorite shoes because I can't wear heels. I'm just barely walking properly barefooted much less. I still have a slight limp, but I'm getting better and better every day:-)

Anyway, back to the shoe situation....I've not been able to buy any new shoes because I've either not been able to put a shoe on my right foot at all because of swelling or even now that I can wear shoes, I have to wear something flat, ie sandals, flip flops or tennis shoes. So all of my lovely shoes are sitting collecting dust:-(

The fact is, I don't have that many pairs of flat shoes that I can wear "out", if you know what I mean. So today, with not too much coercion from my roommate Erica, we headed down the street to DSW. That place is a danger zone for me!! But what's a girl to do? I NEEDED some flat shoes!!

Of course I ended up buying two pairs of shoes instead of one. One gold pair, one black. They're both sandal-ish and look a lot better in person actually when you can see my outfit/legs and the shoes together. The shoes by themselves look a little odd I think. The gold pair are outside the box for me - a little different
and the black ones
are super comfortable and casual and will get a lot of use. So that's it. My afternoon is complete. And the shoe-drought is over:-)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Father Alberto Cutie, (pronounced Koo-ti-ay) known as "Padre Oprah," the nationally known Spanish language television host, advice columnist and bestselling author of the book "Real Life, Real Love," is creating a pretty big stir as he appears to have found real love himself.

A Mexican magazine ran pictures of Father Cutie cuddling with a woman on a Florida beach and kissing her at a bar. In an interview with the Spanish language network Univision, Father Cutie said that despite the scandal the photos have created, he doesn't want to give up either his collar or the woman he loves. He told Univision, he loves the woman and has liked her since he met her. After the photos appeared, the Archdiocese of Miami immediately removed him from his duties as a priest at St. Frances de Sales church in Miami Beach. This past Sunday marked the first time his parish held mass without him.

The scandal is surely reigniting the long-running debate over priest celibacy. Critics, including some priests, argue that celibacy is at the heart of the church's problems, including the shortage of priests and the sex abuse scandals and I for one have to agree. Truth be told, I think the Catholic Church seems to have even bigger issues at the forefront to handle that they've for decades just been sweeping under the rug. However, The Vatican has never wavered on the issue and most active priests agree with its stance.

I am not Catholic so I don't presume to understand the reasoning or logic behind celibacy. After doing some reading, it seems to be that Catholics see it as a true commitment to God, being "the bride of Christ" so to speak. Additionally those who support this stance seem to feel that it makes you wholly available for people and for ministry and for what you really believe, where if you were married with kids, you could not be as available.

Can't the two things co-exist? Can't you be wholly committed to and love God and have romantic love and family in your life? I don't know about you but it just seems unnatural to insist that human beings be required to resist the urge to find love and passion with other people. It's the way the world pro-creates. It's the way we find happiness.

Regardless, the CutiƩ scandal is sure to ratchet up debate over clerical celibacy in the Catholic Church, a spiritual ideal that seems to collide more often today with biological reality. I'm a die-hard romantic and I'm a Christian, so this is a tough one for me to call. Maybe it's just time for a change......

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Today is one of the most special days in the calendar year because it's the day we celebrate our mothers!! I have been extremely blessed to have had such a wonderful role-model, friend, confidante, supporter, cheerleader and mother in the person of Lois Edwards, whose name I was given as one of my middle names. I couldn't be more happy and proud to have her in my life and my only wish is that we have many, many more years ahead of us to celebrate being mother and daughter.

I took the 1hr 45 min. drive up to Bakersfield tonight driving with my left foot:-( just so that I could surprise her and it was definitely worth it. It's just a short visit because I'll be headed back to LA tomorrow but I really wanted to spend the day with her. So here's to my mom. May God continue to bless you. Your loving daughter....

Friday, May 8, 2009


If you are a fan of track and field and have some free time on your hands, click on the following link DOHA SUPER GRAND PRIX and watch the meet live from Doha, Qatar right now!!!

Dave, Joice and Nicole will be competing in the men's 110m hurdles, women's 100m and women's high jump respectively. David runs at 10:20am Pacific time and I'm not sure what time Joice and Nicole are on but she they are still yet to compete. Good luck to all my people:-)


****UPDATE: Dave ended up winning the hurdles, no surprise:-), in a world leading time of 13.09seconds. Joice finished 7th, in 11.43 and Nicole also finished 7th with a jump of 1.88m. All three scored valuable points in the race to the World Athletics Final to be held in September in Greece, later this year. Congrats!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


So today is the first day that I am allowed to take my boot off and switch to wearing my normal tennis shoes. It's a non weight bearing boot so I haven't actually "walked" since April 18th. I'm still supposed to use my crutches starting with bearing about 30% of my weight until by next week Wednesday, I'm supposed to be fully weight-bearing. I swear, it seems as if everything is happening so quickly and so slowly all at once.

So quickly because mentally, I'm not sure I'm ready to start walking again. This process usually takes 12 weeks and so far it's been 2 and a half in total to this point for me. I was sooo looking forward to today but now I feel really nervous and unsure and worried that I might tear the entire tendon or something. My foot feels a little stiff but I can tell that a lot of healing has occurred.

So slowly too though because the daily grind of using the crutches and standing on one leg and hopping around everywhere in this three story apartment has been tedious to say the least and precarious at best. I can't tell you the number of times I've tripped on the stairs lol. I went out to the track yesterday and saw everyone running around and getting their bodies ready for competition and all I could do was sit on the side and watch with envy, truth be told. I should have traveled yesterday to Qatar with DO and Joice and I surely will miss not being there with them but I know they will hold it down in my absence:-)

Anyway, I have to trust my doctor. He assured me that today was the day I could put my foot on the ground again and I have to believe in that. I need to believe in that because my little quad and calf are withering away, lol. My ankle still looks a little swollen but back where there was a gap in my tendon, that gap is no longer there.
It kinda looks and feels like a skinny, fat person's leg if that makes any sense lol. I only hope that as quickly as this atrophy has occurred that it will bounce back just as fast to having some semblance of muscle tone cause it's kinda mushy right now....ugghh:-(

I'm sure I'll be fine, I think I needed to just get it out, to say it. I guess that's what this blog can do sometimes - give you a voice you know what I mean? To get stuff off your chest. So that's it. I'll keep saying my prayers and before you know it, I'll be hopping and skipping around again....ok let me not get carried away...but in one short week, I should be able to chuck these metal appendages (my crutches) aside and be one step closer to being whole again! Woohoo!

Saturday, May 2, 2009


United To Charge Heavier Passengers Twice To Fly

Airline Says Overweight Travelers Will Need To Buy Extra Seats Or Be Denied Entry To Planes


If “beefy” or “curvy” describes you, here is a word of warning: United Airlines will begin aggressively enforcing a new policy that allows it to charge heavier passengers twice to fly.

United will now implement new policies for passengers they deem to be overweight.

Under the rules outlined by United, passengers who “are unable to fit into a single seat in the ticketed cabin; are unable to properly buckle the seatbelt using a single seatbelt extender; and/or are unable to put the seat’s armrests down when seated” will be denied boarding unless they purchase an extra seat.

If no empty seat exists, the passenger will be forced to take a later flight.

“The seat purchase or upgrade must be completed for each leg of the itinerary,” the United policy states. ”If a customer meeting any of the above-listed criteria decides not to upgrade or purchase a ticket for an additional seat, he or she will not be permitted to board the flight.”

How do you feel about this??

The other day when I was traveling, I had to sit next to a guy that was let's just say, he was on the "heavy" side. Not simply overweight. He was at least 300lbs and for the entire flight, he had to try to clasp his hands together over his stomach so that they wouldn't come over the armrest into my seating area. As much as I felt for myself, I felt badly for this gentleman in his predicament because his fingers were turning pink because he could barely hold onto his other hand:(

Now while I totally understand the reasoning behind United's policy, I guess the whole question of discrimination comes into play and exactly just what is fair. Yes, I guess if you go strictly according to the rules, if you're "spilling over" into someone else's seat and for all intents and purposes, taking up two seats, then I guess perhaps you should be charged for two seats. Not to mention, making the other passenger uncomfortable. On the other hand, it seems a little calloused and heartless but I guess in this economy and in the world of business, heart and compassion have nothing to do with anything!

All I can say is, personally I hope they put in place a similar program for smelly people too because that negatively impacts fellow fliers as well. Just imagine the pre-flight check!