Saturday, June 6, 2009

TELL ME WHY.... arms, traps, abs and left leg lol, look like I haven't stopped working out for not one day?

....a guy who you used to date several years ago, who has since become engaged and disengaged would have the nerve to be jealous and acting the fool?

....I will watch a golf tournament from start to finish if Tiger Woods is playing but won't even watch for 5 minutes if he's not?

....people who have nothing going on in their own lives do their best, to no avail, to try and mess up other peoples?

....two eyes, one nose and one mouth can looks so different on everyone? It's only 4 things people!

....the Lakers killed the Magic yesterday? Woohoo!!!!

....people walk their dogs in the little grass area in front of the apartment building and then don't pick up the doggy doo that's left behind? My rug and tennis shoes (now in the trash) are now having to pay the consequences:-(

....gas prices are slowly creeping back up?

....having a limp seems to be an open invitation for conversation lol?

....I feel compelled to have 20 pairs of brown/tan/bronze/copper shoes?

....I will totally cringe but continue watching a UFC fight?

....I have absolutely NO interest in playing video games?

....The Jonas Brothers are on Sports Center delivering the top 10 plays of the day? Why?

....I would give up a million dollars for the love of my life? Am I crazy? OK, now 10 million, I'm not so sure.....

....Eminem actually agreed to let Sasha Baren Cohen put his behind that close to his face?

....people always mix up Bahamas, Bermuda, Barbados - ok I know I come from a small country but they really are VERY different!

....BBM is so awesome! Have I mentioned that I love my blackberry before, lol? Those of us who have them know just what I'm talking about! It's just lovely:-) is possible to be so close with people who are NOTHING like you, both with men and women?

.....did I watch 3 out of 4 episodes this week of "I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!" I'm embarrassed even to admit it:-/

.....people are SO passionate about sports - catching or kicking a ball, jumping in sand, swinging a racket, running in circles - it's all pretty crazy when you think about it! makes the world go 'round:-)


Jim and Garret said...

I love your "lists"!

anonymousnupe said...

I bet I know what you did yesterday? Man, Tiger woods is, well, a beast!!

Happy Monday. I am so ready for a vacation to Bahmudados.

UFC action is awesome. You can learn a lot from some of the real tactitians of the sport. Have you seen that "greatest knockouts" clip they had on for a long time? Dude took him out with a wicked-nasty spinning back fist! I've been watching since the Gracie family ruled the octogan, when there were no weight classes and you could even head-butt an opponent.

I've always marveled at that, too, how God could create so many billions of unique combinations with so little to work with, with regard to human features. I have a theory that he--I mean He--simply reuses them every couple or three hundred years. That way all overlap is avoided; there's no one around to go, "Hey, didn't I just see you or your twin in the ATL?!"

I love the fact that Jameer Nelson is back playing, and doing so decently, for Orlando. Now if they could have just stolen that game yesterday (the loss courtesy of 5 straight missed free throws) things would be much more interesting.

I think you're just using your limp as an exucse to adopt a pimp step in your "old age."

That's all I got. Hope it was pithy. said...

Hi there!!

How is that celebrity show???

The concept sounds crazy... do the viewers REALLY get to decide which types of torture that the celebrities have to face???

Why are the Baldwins on every reality show...which was was on the Celebrity Rehab show? How much do they get for these appearances??