Saturday, June 20, 2009


During an interview with CNBC the other day, President Obama shooed a fly because it was bothering him. And when it refused to stay away, understandably, he sent the fly off with an untimely and sudden death.

The organization PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) issued a statement that said he had performed a cruel and insensitive act.

“We support compassion for all animals, even the most curious, smallest, and least sympathetic animals. We hope that everyone will take inspiration from Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr. Albert Schweitzer, who included insects in his realm of compassion and would stop to move a worm from hot pavement to cool earth.” Apparently they followed this up by saying that people should use fly-catchers to trap flies and then release them outside.

Seriously though??? Are you kidding PETA??? While I generally understand and support their organization in principle, I don't always agree with their methods. And in regards to this situation, all I can do is quote Whoopi Goldberg who summed it up perfectly when commenting on this situation when she said, "I'm sorry, but if they come around me, flies are gonna have problems, mosquitoes are gonna have problems and cockroaches are DEFINITELY gonna have problems!"



Jim and Garret said...

I hadn't heard this story. So I assume that some tax payer monies will go toward some goon apology speech writer.

Politically correct is annoying. There's too many different views to respect. Too many of a lot of crap.

Sarah said...

Quoting Whoopi Goldberg = Oh yeahh! :D
Man i hadn't heard that story, and it's hilarious! People like that need to go find something to DO with their time!