Sunday, November 1, 2009


I haven't blogged very much lately because I've been pretty busy. Busy trying to get my leg better, busy with my friends, and just busy with the business of life. But last night me and my girls Erica and Peggy took some time out to go to a Halloween party at my boy Marcellus Wiley's house.

At first I could not figure out what to go as, given my crutches and cast. Should I just wear a costume and just hope people could look beyond the visual of me crutching around or should I try to actually incorporate the crutches into my costume in some kind of way. I couldn't think of anything myself so I asked for suggestions on Facebook and a relatively new friend of mine, MarcAnthony, came up with the winning idea. He suggested I go as a "sexy":-/ wounded soldier. What a great idea!!!

I had a camouflage jacket and mini skirt in my closet that I would never wear together in the real world lol, I had a pair of brown Puma boots that I've had for over a year but could never quite figure out why or when to wear them, I had the perfect cap and I had this belt that I'd bought in Germany years ago but hardly ever wore either. Add an ace wrap on my forearm and a bandage to my cheek, along with my cast and crutches and Voila!!.....Wounded soldier! Thanks MarcAnthony!!

Erica went as a sexy doctor and Peggy informed us that she was a fairy princess from the land of, whatever works right?? We got there at around 10:30 or so and let me tell you Marcellus went 100% full throttle with the Halloween thing. His house was fully decorated, lots of food, lots of drinks, good music and then of course there were the costumes. What can I say about the costumes???? I saw a little of everything pretty much - from scary, to sexy, to scandalous:-/, to clever, to funny, to "no you did NOT"!!!!

I only had one drink of the "witches brew". I figured since I already have a penchant for falling (I've fallen 3 times since I've been on these crutches) when I'm completely sober, I better not get inebriated. My costume turned out to be a hit, I'm happy to report. Everyone kept asking me if I was really injured or not. "Are you hurt for real? Cause if not, man you sure went all out!" I think I heard that at least 50 times, no exaggeration.

We ended up having a really good time and finally left at around 2 something in the morning and the party was still going full force and the host himself was in rare form:-) My poor left leg was exhausted though from all that standing around. Thank goodness for that extra hour of sleep this morning so I could make it to church on time and give thanks to the Man above for the fact that I only have one more week and one day in the cast before I get switched to a boot. Woohoo!!!

Anyway, here are just a few pics from our night of fun! If you click on them, you can see everything a little more clearly/in detail.

Me, Erica (Dr. Chocolate Love) and Peggy

Erica and Peggy

I thought this guy's costume was pretty clever - he was a "Cereal Killer", get it? LOL...

A pic from the room where people were dancing

Me and Cedric the Entertainer


Eternal Lizdom said...

You know... I haven't had a fun and party filled social life since college. I love living vicariously through your pics and stories!! Keep sharing, please! Give this old mom something to look forward to!

Garret of Jim and Garret said...

Awesome! I love Halloween. Cedric the Entertainer! You sure get around - in a good way of course.

Gina said...

You look SO cute! I can see how people thought you "went all out" lol. You kept it simple and it definitely worked to your advantage. When people TRY to look sexy, especially on Halloween, they usually fail miserably. You look like yourself, not a typical female trying to look like the IT girl of the night, based on what they THINK guys want to see them in. You got it RIGHT! Again, really cute, I might have to bite your style next year ;-)

Mizrepresent said...

Gurl i thought your costume was so cute and creative, btw...who was Cedric trying to be? lol!

anonymousnupe said...

If our soldiers on the front lines looked like you, heck, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, and North Korea, would be American territories already...and gas would be $1.00 a gallon again.

Jackie E. said...

Liz: I'm trying to make the best of this situation I'm in with sooo much extra time on my hands so I've gone from being the girl who NEVER went out in my twenties to having somewhat of a social life. Better late than never right, lol!

Garret: It's funny the whole getting around thing....I only know like 4 people who are "celebrities/ star athletes" and only 2 of them invite me to things, but THEY know everyone! So in a way I'm living vicariously thru them:-)

Gina: Thanks so much for the compliments. I appreciate it and try as always to represent for the sensible/respectable ladies out there. We can still have fun without going buckwild, lol!!

Miz: Thanks:-) I'm not sure who Cedric was supposed to be:-/ Maybe some kinda Egyptian Emperor-ish....HAha!

Nupe: There you go flattering a girl again. Thanks my friend;-)

Robyn said...

t's been while since read you-guess i ahve alot to catch up on.

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