Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I used to be a huge Whitney Houston fan, back in the days of "All At Once", "How Will I Know", "I'm Every Woman" and of course "I Will Always Love You". I could really go on and on about the songs of hers which I have loved over the years and the ones where you couldn't tell me that I didn't sound just like her, lol, as I sang along over the track. No telling what that would've really sounded like if someone had turned the music off:-/

However, somewhere along the way, she lost her way. Between Bobby and the drugs and whatever else she got into Whitney Houston was not Whitney Houston. She was so wholesome and sweet and beautiful and most definitely had the voice of an angel. By the time she was on the Whitney and Bobby reality show, I'm not sure who that person was.

Here's the thing though - we ALL go through trials and tribulations and ups and downs. Some more difficult and trying than others but when you have to live your troubles out in the public eye, it cannot be easy. Everybody judging you, pointing fingers, saying things that perhaps are not true, embellishing the truth and making the worst seem even worse.

Fast forward to today and Whitney Houston is BACK! She performed on Good Morning America today and while her voice might not quite be what it used to be, she is still beautiful and had a great spirit and her Mom, Cissy was still standing there, right there beside her daughter. And at the end of the day, isn't that what we all need? Our friends and family and those who really do love and care for us to be still standing there, when many others have disappeared, when times get hard and you need them most.

A couple days ago, I got some not so good news, which I won't get into now but suffice to say, when I needed someone to lean on the most, I knew who to count on. Distance or not. We all need people like that in our lives and I am TRULY grateful:-)

Whitney has that in spades. There are lots of people who care for her and want to see her do well and love seeing Old School Whitney, as I like to call her, lol , come back. I love the first two songs from the album that I've heard. She has weathered the storm and she is back!

Here is her performance of one of those songs from Good Morning America today. (Thanks to my boy Avard for the heads up:-) Enjoy....

PS. My friend Chris Spencer, host extraordinaire, lol, is hosting her official album release party tonight being thrown by Arista Records and he has invited me to come. I guess I'll clear the calendar and check it out. If I must, lol....just kidding. I'm really gonna try to make it and post pictures tomorrow if I can.


Eternal Lizdom said...

Whitney is one of those women who is special. She was a superstar, adored and supported by millions. She's fallen into seriously bad choices. Bobby Brown, drugs, and so on. But still adored and loved. And you are exactly right- she's got a strong support system to hold her up, to catch her when she falls.

I hope this is the start of good decision making and a strong and healthy comeback so she can be a true hero and not a tragedy.

Garret of Jim and Garret said...

So will she be at her own release party?

Jackie E. said...

I'm not sure if she's gonna be there Garret and now I'm feeling lazy I don't know if I feel like going:-( Hope I perk up pretty soon...

dejanae said...

u couldnt tell me i wasnt whitney houston back in the
glad to see her back on her feet

Amy said...

She has an amazing voice.