Monday, September 14, 2009


A couple nights ago, courtesy of my boy, again no other than Mr. Chris Spencer, my roommate Erica and I attended the 1st Annual John Wooden Pyramid of Success Awards, where Chris was once again the host. I swear this brother knows EVERY person in LA!!! I guess it helps that he's good at being a host, but I'm constantly awed and impressed by the number of times his services are requested.

It was a pretty formal evening and the event was sponsored by HAX (Hangar Athletic Xchange) and the HAX Foundation. The HAX facility is located in Hawthorne and is housed in a gigantic former airplane hangar and is fully equipped with basketball courts, volleyball courts, weightroom facilities, offices, screening rooms, training rooms, pretty much everything that you can imagine an athlete would need. Coupled with a great coaching staff and administrators, HAX is an awesome place for athletes of all levels from high school to the pros to come and have a great workout/training environment.

Coach John Wooden the former UCLA basketball and the all-time winningest collegiate coach was honored with the first ever Life Time Achievement Award which celebrated not only his philosophies but the influence he has had universally nurturing athletes, executives and community leaders alike. He is most noted for his Pyramid of Success

which many coaches have used over the years as a formula/guideline for their sporting programs and athletes.

There were several other honorees as well including among others legendary sportscaster Dick Vitale, Laila Ali (Muhammed Ali's daughter and former undefeated boxer), and Paul Pierce (Boston Celtic B-ball player). It was a fun evening and the food was pretty delicious. I met a few of the athletes and Erica and I basically just enjoyed ourselves (as we always do:-).

Here are just a couple pics from our night out....

Me, Chris and E-dub

E-dub and Chris

Me and Paul Pierce

View from my seat....

Me and Chris

Ms. Laila Ali on the big screen

PS. My outfit looked pretty good in person (in fact a few people told me so).....but not so good in the pictures for some reason lol, so I've saved you all the trouble of critiquing it and cropped myself in all the shots:-( Not sure what was happening in the photos....


Anonymous said...

SMH @ you for cropping the pics. I wanted to see the outfit. =( Chris looks so zesty in the first pic. Looks like you and Erica had a lovely evening.

Dick Vitale...makes me wanna pull out Love & Basketball.

Garret of Jim and Garret said...

So funny that you cropped!

Jackie E. said...

Jewells : LOL!! He does look zesty-ish!

Gina said...

That Paul Pierce is my kinda guy!

Quick question. Is your friend married, because he invites you to so many events, but I think you have mentioned that he's married?

If he's married, are you and his wife friends also? I just ask because I have a lot of guy friends, and I truly believe that guys and girls can be friends if both parties are willing participants.

Jackie E. said...

Gina: Interesting question but I'm glad you asked. Chris is definitely married with 2 kids. I do know his wife although I wouldn't go so far as to say that we are friends but we are friendly. Whenever she does come to an event, I make it my business to let her know without a shadow of a doubt that there is NOTHING going on between me and her husband. Not so much by what I say, but what I do. I know my place so to speak. I think she would be able to tell if something was up. We women have that 6th sense I think.

I've always said that my friendship with Chris is so super special to me because we have this great friendship with absolutely no expectations. I know crossing any boundary would ruin it. Between the jealousy or awkwardness it would cause or the even more basic fact of fooling around with someone else's husband...these things are just not an option for me. I'm the first to put someone in their place if they're married lol and they try to cross the line. He wants nothing from me and vice versa and I love him for that:-)

Men and women can DEFINITELY be friends and good friends at that. I'm always looking for new female friends tho to drag around to these events with me too cause 9 times outta 10 unless it's a comedy gig, I won't go unless I can find a partner in crime lol:-)

Gina said...

Thanks for the response!Yes it's imperative to let the girlfriend or spouse know where you stand. Leaving things unsaid just adds fuel to a fire that definitely doesn't need fanning.