Monday, May 18, 2009


So last night at about 8:45pm, I was sitting upstairs watching TV with my roommate Erica when all of a sudden the entire room started shaking and trembling and if you live in LA, you know right away what is going on....and I thought "here we go again!!!!" EARTHQUAKE!!!! I've heard different reports about the magnitude of it - some say 4.7, some say 5.0. Either way, it wasn't any fun.

I grabbed on to the arms of the love seat I was sitting on and just prayed that the rattling would stop quickly and that nothing would fall on me. All I kept thinking, was great, if I need to run somewhere for cover or outside or something, I'm plum outta luck cause there's no running happening with this bum leg of mine:-(

Thankfully it lasted less than 10 seconds I think and I tried to regain my composure. No matter how many times you go through it, it's a little bit terrifying. The biggest one I've been in was 7.1 and TRUST ME when I say, I really thought I was gonna die or something, lol because, of course it was my very first earthquake experience! I thought a train was passing by, then I thought, ok the world is ending. I was "fresh of the boat" so to speak from The Bahamas, so I had no idea what the heck was going on and in retrospect, it was pretty funny because I just ran outside and just kept on running - I'm still not sure where I was headed, but I was gonna get there as fast as I could.

Anyway, alls well here in LA. There wasn't too much damage done apart from the windows shattering in several buildings. In the meantime, we resume our normal lives and hope and pray that THE BIG ONE, doesn't happen any time soon!

****On another note, my LAKERS handled their business last night!!!!!!Woohoo!!!!! Next up, the Denver Nuggets in the Western Conference Finals. Now, don't get me wrong, I know that Denver is a formidable opponent, but I think we're up for the challenge. Sorry D.O......the Nuggets are going DOWN, lol!!!!


Eternal Lizdom said...

I heard that news this morning and tought of you and friends of mine out there... glad you are ok!

anonymousnupe said...

I don't know, Jackie. I think Denver might be a tad too physical for the pretty boys from L.A. And Chauncey has just been the iceman. Should be a good series, though, I hope. Houston punked out in game 7, but Nene's gonna bring it! I actually don't care for either team, especially Melo and K-Mart, but Detroit (sorry Joe D.) was foolish to let Mr. Big Shot go.

Even though we've had a couple small ones in the D.C. area, I've never felt an earthquake. It must be quite unnerving, being so completely not in control like that. It's probably how I feel when a plane hits turbulence, utterly powerless to do anything about all the bouncing about.

Robyn said...

id run to the bath tab

Jackie E. said...

Hey Nupe--At least you made some good points ad it doesn't sound like you're not a Laker hater, cause there sure seem to be a whole lotta them out there and I'm not sure why. But why they gotta be pretty??? Hmmm?? They can be physical when they need to! Ask Houston about it, lol.

Hope you're watching the game....did you just see Fisher knock that 3 down right at the half time buzzer???-Woohoo!!! Lakers by 1 at the half...

And, yeah an earthquake does feel like turbulence on a flight. It's probably the best thing to compare it to.

Mizrepresent said...

So glad you are fine...i just heard about the earthquake there yesterday!

anonymousnupe said...

Man! Denver HAD them jokers! I'm not a Laker hater, just not a Kobe lover (which didn't stop me from getting his autograph--made out to my kids--a few years back, though). I dig D-Fish and appreciate Gasol's game a lot. And of course, back in the day I couldn't get enough of "Magic-to-Worthy" or "Magic-to-Scott," and Magic-to-the-rim!

I missed the 1st half, unfortunately (attended the athletic banquet where Taylor got female track MVP for cross-country, indoor AND outdoor!). I'm just glad it was a good game. Man, Melo is a handful when he wants to be ain't he? Just stop sticking out your tongue and get back on D, though, boy!

Cleveland/Orlando should be good tonight, too.

CAN YOU BELIEVE THE WIZARDS GOT JOBBED AGAIN IN THE DRAFT?! Blake Griffin could've done some things over here. Well, it'll be interesting to see who we trade the 5th pick for.

Oh, you know, Hollywood, Rick Fox and all, LOL! That makes 'em the pretty boys of the league. But, yeah, Bynum, Gasol, Fish, and Kobe, they can definitely muscle up when it's called for.

Denver needs to fine J.R. Smith every time he turns the ball over or jacks up an ill-advised 27 footer...which is way too often. George Karl must have been ready to strangle that dude.