Sunday, May 24, 2009


Yesterday turned out to be a pretty great day all around. First of all my LAKERS won!!! Way to go!!!! Let's make this series short and sweet....I know, I know, easier said than done but a girl can wish right??

I've been toying around with the idea of wearing bangs again. It's a "luxury" I can't usually indulge in, simple as it may sound, because I'm usually training and sweating and those two things don't go well with a black woman's hair and bangs. They end up getting sweated out from day one and just sticking onto your forehead...not a good look. Now that I have some time off, albeit involuntary, and sweat isn't oozing from my pores on a daily basis, I decided to try it again. I soon found out that my bangs had grown a little too long for me to see properly

and so I had to kinda part them in the middle and sweep them to the sides. The decisions us girls have to make, lol.

Anyway, so last night, my boy Chris Spencer (who I'm sure without him I'd have NO social life) shot me a text and invited me to meet him and his good friend Boris Kodjoe at this club in Studio City. Now for those of you who don't know, Mr. Kodjoe is an actor and he's pretty darned easy on the eyes:-)
Plus since I don't know the last time I actually went to a real club that wasn't a comedy club and since I figured I'd enjoy the "view" lol, I said I'm in. I called up my girls from Great Britain, Joice's homies Tasha D. and Emma and asked them to join me.

Emma, me - wearing flat shoes:-(, and Tash

Tasha D. is the Olympic bronze medalist from Beijing in the women's 400m hurdles and Emma runs on Great Britain's 4X100m relay team. My ladies showed up and we headed out. We got to the club and not that much was happening but I'm a glass half full kinda girl so I knew we'd have fun regardless. Chris and Boris showed up shortly after us and Chris took us over to the VIP area. Trust me, that status was not reserved for us ladies lol but for Boris. We soon found out why because we had a first hand view of exactly how CRAZY, WILD and DESPERATE some chicks can be when it comes to a good looking male celebrity. All I can say is OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!! Between the one girl who sneaked into the area and started doing some dirty dirty dancing and some of the things he told us some of the women who were approaching him when he briefly ventured out into the general area were saying and trying to do, I was in shock and awe. I was appalled really! I would write what they were saying but since this is a 'G' rated blog, I'll let you let your minds run wild and I'm sure it still won't top some of the things these women and I use that word loosely, were bold enough to say. Now I'm accustomed to being around a good looking guy:-) but this was just outta control!!!

We ended up having a really good time though and laughed the night away and apparently there are a whole lotta dances u can do as long as u have one good leg, lol. Also, turns out Boris went to see the same Dr in Toronto that I saw when he injured his leg playing basketball a few years ago. At closing time, we all headed to Jerry's Deli and sat there and chopped it up for another hour or so. The conversation with the boys was REALLY spicy and interesting, lol but mum's the word:-) By the time we were done, it was about 3am and we decided that we should finally head home. I think I laughed so much, my stomach and head hurt but I had such an awesome evening, I made a new friend and I really just enjoyed myself.

OK what are you gonna invite me to next and how are you gonna top this????


ccna said...

Hey, you have a great blog here! I'm definitely going to bookmark you!

Eternal Lizdom said...

Wow!! Sounds like a great night!! I love reading this stuff- since it will never happen to me!

Gina said...

Boris is...yea...I'll just say you're a lucky girl :-)

anonymousnupe said...

Your boy Chris is killin' me in his new commercial where he's nursing the baby in that African baby-carrying device. I wish I could remember the produce, LOL!

And where was Mrs. Boris?! She should know better.

(I can relate, though. I have that same problem with women when I go to work, 7-11, the organic market, cleaners, etc.)

Now, back to Lakers-Nuggets.

anonymousnupe said...

Oh, and I hate you for those two pics. And don't even ack like you don't know what I'm sayin'.

Jackie E. said...'re too funny, lol!

You've made mention before about my close up pics...u don't like them? don't approve? i'm not sure what u mean ....if it's something that's gonna embarrass me, you can email me:-)

Mizrepresent said...

Love the bangs, and how cute and pretty you all are. Yes, Boris is beautiful...saw him in person a couple years ago...OMG! I couldn't even look at him dizzy, lol! Glad you had a great time lady and thanks for sharing!

ps. Ummm Chris looks good too! You were in some really good company!

Jackie E. said...

Oh yeah, that ad with Chris is for Volkswagen and it is hilarious!!! It's on a lot during the NBA playoff games.

Anonymous said...

I like both bang pictures. One has mad sex appeal and the other is a "good" girl look. Use them both

And I know you still aren't wearing that one swoop of eyeshadow!

What a night you had. I need to come back out to L.A. 1) to meet this Chris 2) to meet some of his friends and 3) of course to hang with you again. And Erica. = )

eclectik said...

Long time...

Love the arms, amazing

Glad you had a good time.

Tell Chris to Tell Claudia I said what's up lol


Smokie said...

Oh yeah, that was awesome. You've a great life, sis.