Sunday, February 15, 2009


12. Voice Notes. I like the fact that you can record and send voice messages back and forth on blackberry messenger. I don't use it enough though!

11. The memo pad. I like having the option to jot down notes and numbers and other information whenever I need to.

10. The calculator. I do the bills where I live and so I'm always adding, multiplying, dividing something between the three of us...

9. I use the alarm whenever I have to wake up early.

8. I like the fact that I don't have to scroll down the entire page to get to the top or bottom of any screen - I can just press T or B and presto!

7. I love how clear the images are on here. A picture on here is as clear as a picture I take with my digital camera. (I will have to say tho that it sucks that the Sprint World Blackberry, the 8830, which I have does not have a camera on it!) But when my friends send me pictures or I look up an image online, it's REALLY clear.

6. Being able to mapquest whenever I need to.

5. The game BrickBreaker. I used to be addicted to this game. I had to go cold turkey lol, in order to break the habit but I'm sure once I get back on the road traveling to meets again this summer, I'm gonna need BrickBreakers Anonymous, lol!

4. I can be in Glasgow, Beijing, Orlando, Australia or Timbuktu for that matter and still have service.

3. Being able to google something at the drop of dime

2. Getting my email when I'm on the go

1. BBM!! (Blackberry Messenger) - Where would I be without it? I get to talk to my favorite people all the time:)

****Big thanks to Dave and Joice who were instrumental in convincing me that I needed to get one. I was really reluctant at first - thank God I finally heeded their advice!****


Joice said...

I reason why I hate your blackberry

It done synch with mine so I can't BBM you.


Jackie E. said...

Joice I know....I really don't know what to do. Seems like there's no hope:(

eclectik said...

Oh feh on your blackberry :P

My phone is betters

Bring me something from Glasgow and Australia next time you go

You are wonderful.

eclectik said...

...and I like how it says Jackie "e" :)

Robyn said...

am more of a media lover.n all so am not madly insane about the blackberry.

LaLa said...

Hmm Jack you have me thinking about getting a Blackberry. I've been resisting, mainly because if I get one my company will pay for it but it also means they'll have access to me after hours. Still I like the whole company paid phone and free service.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

big baller u on crack (berry) lol

Remi Fagbohun said...

The Crackberry...
I thought I was the president, but I might have to relinquish that position to you.
I am resisting (barely) getting the new 8900... i don't need a new phone, I don't need a new phone, I don't need a new phone!!

...maybe if I say it often enough...

Salvatiry Carlino said...

Looks like you love your BB so much! Well, a lot of my friends have BB's too. They told me how cool it is to have them on a daily basis, and when running their small businesses. It's not just great for personal use, but for business purposes as well.

Kelly Brueggemann said...

I really love the BBM feature! I get to send messages to my family and friends even when I'm abroad without spending a lot on phone credit. That's a really awesome feature that the Blackberry phones have!

Kelly Brueggemann