Monday, February 2, 2009


I just wanted to officially congratulate the Pittsburgh Steelers on their victory last night in the 43rd Superbowl!!!It was an awesome game and even though I was exhausted from my travel back from Scotland, this game, with all its great plays and momentum changes definitely kept me awake.

Additionally, several of the Steelers train at the Disney Wide World of Sports facility that I train at when I go down to Orlando. I would see these guys every morning at the track at practice in all that heat down there and in the weightroom with Coach Tom Shaw. When you see them put in all the hard work, it's even greater to see them reap their just rewards.

Last night's MVP #10 Santonio Holmes , #24 Ike Taylor and #51 James Farrior are three guys in particular that I've met down there. I've never really seen such a big group of NFL players working on out on a daily basis and so it made for some interesting days at practice listening to them talk SO much trash to each other. Boys will be boys I guess, lol!

Anyway, congrats to the Cardinals as well because they played an excellent game too although if I see Kurt Warner's wife one more time during a football game, I'm gonna have to write a letter to the TV station in protest:)


Marcus LANGFORD said...

It was a great game, but I can't say that I'm happy the Steelers won! They play some really dirty football and the number of penalties they received was reflective of that. They play like the Detroit Pistons in the 80' I really wanted the Cardinals to win and they would have, hadn't they made that critical mistake in lacking coverage-that killed their chances of winning.

Overall, it was still a game to remember. Hopefully next year my hometown team (Redskins) will make it there!

anonymousnupe said...

Yeah, I was really pulling for the Cards as well, but when Fitzgerald scored that last touchdown with about 2:30 left I screamed "NO!" That left far, far too much time on the clock. I kept hoping Fitz would slow down, or fall down at the goal line so the Cards could walk up to the line of scrimmage and run it in on 3 or 4 plays to drain more time. Oh, well. At least it was exciting.

Robyn said...

was a fantastic game for the Pittsburgh Steelers Congs,congs,congs.wish i had watched the game live.Will go down the memory lane.

anonymousnupe said...

I take solace in the fact that the winning coach is a Nupe.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

2nd best game ever behind titans vs rams


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