Monday, February 23, 2009


So am I the last person alive who doesn't have either a Facebook or Myspace account??

Everyone I know has a page - "Oh, hit me up on Facebook!" Sorry, I can't. Or "You got a Myspace page?" .....Ahhh, no I don't! It seems like a great idea I guess or so many people wouldn't be doing it. But what is the big deal, lol?? What is it that I'm missing out on cause I'm starting to think I'm really missing something major.

I've seen the pages. Is it the fact that you can connect with friends? Well what if you don't wanna connect with someone but they wanna connect with you? Then you look like the bad guy cause you denied their friend request, right?!

I know I write a blog but it's not the same in my opinion. I always hear about when a friend either changes their status from single to it's complicated or in a relationship and then everyone wants to know what happened. And who really has like 5000 friends? How does that happen? I really need someone to break it down for me. Then you get poked, sent gifts, the whole "thanks for the add" thing...I'm just not sure I'm ready.

As with everything else, I'm usually the last one to get with the program. Usually it's something electronic. Like before I bought my new car last year I had a cassette player in my car that I had bought brand new several years before. Don't laugh. I remember specifically telling the guy at the dealership that yes he heard me correctly, I wanted a tape deck, not a CD player in the car, because I only had cassette tapes. I can still remember the incredulous look on his face, lol! Also, I'm sure I was one of the last people to get an I-pod. I was rocking the personal CD player for the longest, haha! Get this, I still have a VCR - no DVD player. I think there's one in the living room but I've never used it. Crazy I know.

I know I'm a little bit quirky and don't mind being the last member of a club. I guess it's why I'm not into brand name clothes or expensive jewelry either. I kinda just do my own thing and if it just so happens to be in line with everyone else then that's cool but if not, then oh well...A lot of my friends are the complete opposite but I guess that's why they say opposites attract right?

But back to the Facebook/Myspace thing. I really need somebody to let me know what's up. What am I missing out on? Is it time for me to finally join that club too...


anonymousnupe said...

I'm with you; it's too stressful trying to keep pace with the latest fad, especially in the case of these so-called social sites. They pretty much all do the same thing. I can't understand how and why folks subscribe to and actually maintain multiples of them. I have Myspace and Facebook accounts, but I only ever visit them because somebody has sent me a friend request, or a brain thingy, or something like that. I only got them in the first place to keep an eye on my child and her friends and some of those young geniuses from church.

I wish I would be caught on Twitter updating what I'm doing every 15 minutes!! If you're really my friend then you're too busy to be worried what I'm doin'! The name even sounds lewd: Twitter?! But I just met her!

And it amazes me that I get friend requests from complete strangers, lots of them these young, loose-looking white girls! Whadup wit dat?!

In your case there do seem to be lots of relevant business applications for these types of sites, although I have not seen any metrics discussing how much revenue or traffic to your primary business site they generate. You might look into it, I guess. A little due diligence never hurt.

Liz said...

I'm a Facebook junkie... I love my Facebook!! Don't like myspace. Tried it. Meh. But Facebook... I moved around a lot when I was younger and lost touch with oodles of folks from my past. And thanks to FB, I've been reconnecting with folks from youth group, high school, college, junior high. My little group of girls from college- we are having a BLAST reconnecting. Even planning a get together for this summer. I love updating my status, I load my blog to FB, I keep in touch with family- it's super easy for them to see pics and such.

My goal is to try and track down the kids I knew in elementary school and see if anyone remembers me...

Marcus LANGFORD said...

You're not really missing anything by not have either a MySpace or Facebook account. However if used correctly, both sites can serve a great purpose in networking and reconnecting with folks in which you want to do so with.

I have a MySpace account and it's cool, but that's really all I need for the time being. There is an acquisition war going on both popular social networks and sometimes they both claim victims. I believe that one or the other is good to have though it's not the end of the world if you're not a participant.

Dana said...

MySpace is definitely a no-no if you ask me. I don't like it at all. Facebook, I like. I've been able to reconnect with a lot of my high school buddies, college buddies, and random people I grew up with on their. Plus, people have to know your first and last name in order to search for you. I hated getting the "yo baby what's up" messages on myspace. There are a bunch of weirdo's on myspace who can search based on criteria like single, female, black, between the ages of...blah blah blah. I don't get that on FB since you can only search by name...which I LOVE!! I think it's (facebook) good for reconnecting with people from your past...who you'd like to reconnect with. =)

anonymousnupe said...

Dana, yo, baby, what's up?

eclectik said...

I dont have facebook unlike EVERYONE
I'm slowly weening myself off the internet anyway...the blog will be done this year

I hear it's fun, but it's a little invasive...I dont like alla my personals out floating on the web

but supposedly it's addictive.

enough of that, love the comment...are you single?


Robyn said...

you are not alone,,
i failed to keep up with facebook and the likes and uuhh i do love my privacy.

Marcus LANGFORD said...

Oh I forgot to mention that I too have a VCR...a couple of them actually. I like going to the thrift stores and collecting ol' VHS tapes to watch. No Blu-Ray here; though I do have a few DVD players scattered throughout the house.

I'm also the same when it comes to personal electronics like MP3 players. My current MP3 player is one that I've had since 2002. It's a 30 GB Creative Zen Jukebox device that is enormous compared to the extra small devices out now. My friends clown me about it because they have new iPods and my ol' MP3 player is like 5x My MP3 player may be a little outdated, but it still works well and has never given me a day of trouble, but I will admit that I've been thinking of downsizing and getting something a little smaller with more storage drive space. As much of a gadget freak I am, I am at times a bit behind.

Mes Deux Cents said...

Hi Jackie,

You're not alone. I don't do Facebook and I certainly don't do Myspace. Lol

I really think blogging (occasionally) is the most I really want to venture into the World Wide Web. There are just so many creepy people out there I'd like to maintain anonymity.

Anonymous said...

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

u may as well asked for an 8 track lol

Jewells said...

I hear where you're coming from. I had a Myspace page, but got tired of all the random messages and deleted it the other day. It was supposed to be a place to network and build up a readership for when my books are published. Myspace was a great place to reconnect with a lot of my old friends from traveling. I also found a lot of people for my parents via their kids' pages.

I'm on Facebook for the same purpose and don't foresee closing it.

Ahhh, but I must say I love Twitter the most out of all of them.

It's what you make out of it. If you feel you're fine without, I say stay where you're at. You can always open an account just to see if you're missing out on anything for yourself and then close it if it doesn't suit your needs.

Remi Fagbohun said...

Hey Jackie -
Hmmm, I have a lot to way in on. But let me tell you a lil story first. I went to high school in Nigeria. Boarding school to be precise. We used to look forward to one particular thing - INTER COLLEGE SPORTS! When other colleges came to ours to play competitive sports. I loved Long Jump...

I digress - LOL!!!

I made friends every single year and how did we maintain this friendship when we only saw each other once a year? We wrote each other - good old fashioned snail mail!! And they were nice letters shortest would be at least 4 pages long (God knows where the heck I got the energy from)and I still have some of those friendships to this day.

I LOVE people.
I love learning about them, I love hearing other peoples stories...I truly enjoy networking. It has also helped me in so many different ways to grow. Hearing other peoples experiences are a way of learning things without them actually happening to you.

That being said, I have a Myspace account, which I HATE. I am not a yo, you're cute type of person. That seems to be the tone there so I will gladly shut that down SOON!!

Facebook I love! I have made so many fabulous contacts there and I treasure them. When you
also have people spread across different continents this helps you stay in touch without racking up a huge bill. At times you really want to know whats going on with your friends/acquaintances without actually writing or calling...

Twitter...aha, you have to be kinda smart to think up what you want to say in 140 characters. Think of sitting in a airport, at a photo shoot, fashion show alright...just about anywhere and need something to do. If you have a following, then it helps...but it works with my personality, which was why I started with the story above.

I am also a techie. I love all gadgets and its so bad I know dates when new things come out...
I however do not have a vcr or dvd player... DVR - yes :-)

Sorry it's so LONG!!!