Friday, February 13, 2009


As I'm typing, I'm sending out a message to an old friend of mine. Something happened in the past and that "something" caused us to go our separate ways and for some reason today, with Valentine's Day right around the corner, I've just decided that enough is enough and I'm over being hurt and upset. I could just carry this burden around with me for years to come, but why? Life is too short! It actually takes MORE work to be upset with someone than it does to just make amends.

I know Valentine's Day is supposed to be for couples and married folk but in my opinion, it really should be for friends, or family, or lovers or spouses or whomever you love or care about. At least that's how I see it. There's no special time or day designation where your love should mean more or less. I REALLY try to show the people that matter to me ALL the time how I feel, whether it be with a text, a smile, a joke, a word of encouragement, or a phone call - whatever they need.

It's not always reciprocated but then again, that's not the reason why I show my love. It's just in my nature I think. I do it because I want to. I do it because that's who I am and I hope that in some way I can brighten that person's day. Sometimes it's been enough. Sometimes it hasn't. You can't control that. You can only keep smilin', keep shinin' and let your friends, family and loved ones know just how much they matter!


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Robyn said...

happy vals
its all about love

Jim and Garret said...

Happy Valentine's Day. This day is what YOU make it to be!


Anonymous said...

That was so sweet! I miss you! Let's talk soon. Email me your address so I can send you a postcard. I'm back in SoCal, but I figured it's the thought that counts.


Marcus LANGFORD said...

You're absolutely right Jackie; loving someone is easier than hating them.

Making peace with an "enemy" is what humanity is all about.