Sunday, March 22, 2009

My name is NOT Stella, LOL!

I don't know what to make of it but if I get one more 18-24 year old boy/man approach me and try to chat lyrics to me, I'm just gonna have to get a T-shirt made that reads in big bold letters "MY NAME IS NOT STELLA", lol!!! See...that's not me in this picture:)

I guess it's a compliment of sorts because apparently they think I'm a lot closer to their age than I am but it really and truly cracks me up because it seems that the older I get, the younger my would-be suitors are. The thing is I NEVER lie about my age and I always assume that once I break it down for one of these college kids/ recent graduates/ young men that their eyes will open up really wide, deer-in-the-headlights like, that they'll do a 180 and run for the hills, but time after time after time, that is not the case, lol. What's up with that?

So then my next response is either a) I'm not available and/or b) I could probably be your mother or at the very least your auntie. These responses don't seem to work either. They usual comeback is "I'd love for you to be my mama" or "I don't see no rings on your finger". Perhaps it's the environment I'm in, competing in track where there are lots of 20 somethings but this situation seems to occur even when I'm not at or around a track. I'd have to say within the past 2 weeks alone, no less than four 24 year old and unders have come at me and I've politely said thanks, but no thanks...

Now, clearly for those of you who know me, you know that I certainly have NO issue when it comes to dating younger guys;-), but c'mon - 18? 20? - give me a break. My name is NOT Stella and I am not trying to get my groove back!!


Joice said...

Jack you crack me up

I had one discribe me as being 'ripe'.


I had to rasie my eyebrow and point out that he just compared me to a piece of fruit.

Hell Stella get your groove on yes! Notice I did'nt say back cause you aint ever lost it.

Plus them young boys are fun.




Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

mac momma
wonder if u would consider going on a date with me if i were in your neck of the woods lol

anonymousnupe said...

Well, you and Ms. Bassett do have the same smile and same sinewy arms, so I can see how a youngster could muster up the temerity to step to you. Just, you know, be gentle. One of them could be our future president. LOL!!

eclectik said...

I'm 33.
Come here.


Anonymous said...

It's crazy to think how our (men) taste in women change when we become men. When I was younger (late-teens or so), I was disgusted by the notion of even being attracted to an older woman, but my first marriage was a slightly older woman and when I was 27-years old, I dated a woman that was eleven years my senior-boy was she sexy!

Much like yourself, because I look so much younger than I am, I attract a lot of younger women (late-teens and early-twenties), and they are as silly as can be; I can usually tell the age of a woman by the things she says when she compliments me. SMH! With that in mind, I usually seek older women to date because I find them to be more mature and selfless and maybe that is what these younger cats are seeing in you; they aren't stupid. So yeah, as irritating as it may be, you can definitely take it as a compliment.

k. carli said...

Jackie...this is a classic post! My Sister and I have the same's amazing! I look her age (she's 6 years younger) and she looks like she's easily in her late teens. So young cats, really young cats are always stepping to her and we get a good laugh at that. Fun times, but sad if you find yourself in a dating "recession". LOL.

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