Thursday, March 19, 2009


I mentioned in my last post that the reason for the "struggle" I had with that dress, lol was because I was trying to figure out what I would wear to the roast/toast for actor/comedian John Witherspoon. My roommate Erica and I went and we were told that the attire was "half way dressy"???!!!

You know it was a guy giving that kinda information out. Of course, it was my boy Chris Spencer who invited us and of course I asked him, what the heck does half way dressy mean? He didn't have an answer so Erica and I just winged it and hoped that we wouldn't show up and be either over or under dressed. Neither one is really good! As it turned out, thankfully we blended in well and didn't stand out one way or the other.

There were about 10 comics, including Guy Torry, Sheryl Underwood, Mark Curry, Paul Mooney, Earthquake and Tim Reid. Chris and Tommy Davidson were the hosts. I have never been to a roast before and I was shocked at the level to which the comedians take it when they are bagging on each other. They would say the craziest stuff to one another and then they would roast Mr. Witherspoon. I mean they went "really hard in the paint" as a good friend of mine always says. I was surprised that nobody broke out into a fight, lol. I guess you have to have some really thick skin to be a comedian. From talking about Tommy and Mark Curry both being on drugs to talking about who Kim Whitley had or hadn't slept with or who didn't have a career, whose teeth looked like chiclets or who was fat, skinny, gay - you name it, they said it!

They REALLY got on Sheryl Underwood. Somebody called her "attractively challenged"; another person said she had a role in the new Michael Vick movie as one of the dogs; another person said that she was the only person to be president of her sorority and it's mascot; and still another person said that when she was out walking with her boyfriend, a little kid came up and asked the guy if that was his new puppy???!! I don't know if the harshness translates as I type it, but trust me when I say that sometimes I didn't know if I should laugh, cry or cringe!

Oh well, when all was said and done, we had a really good time, ate some good food and met some cool people. Mr. Witherspoon was definitely worthy of the honor and I was happy to have been in attendance.

****You know what song I'm really feeling right now?? Eric Benet's "Chocolate Legs". Love it:)****


Jewells said...

"another person said she had a role in the new Michael Vick movie as one of the dogs"

I would've fell out of my chair laughing at that one just as I did when I read it. Funny stuff. I'm glad you and Erica had a great time and your selections fit in perfectly! =)

eclectik said...

You have the greatest life ever...always doing fun things; and looking like that doing them.

I'd be way too boring for you

Sounds like a good time.

Hey, anytime you wanna jungle gym though, look me up


Gina said...

I can easily see how you could feel conflicted on how to respond with those bags on Sheryl. BTW cute dress! I like that you're spontaneous with your nights don't just go to the club like the rest of us ;-)

Anonymous said...

when is it gonna air?

Anonymous said...

I was looking for more from John Witherspoon. He seemed to have changed his mind about going thru his script indicating he needed to get back and take his medicine. I wonder what went wrong.