Thursday, November 27, 2008


No matter how many years I've spent in the US, this is always one of those holidays that is a little weird for me. You see we don't have Thanksgiving in The Bahamas. We have something kinda similar-ish, called Harvest but it's something that we celebrate at church where you bring cans of food and other fruit and vegetables to donate to those in need. So I never grew up with the whole Thanksgiving tradition and every year I'm never quite sure what to do when everyone else is making their way home to celebrate and spend time with their families and friends.

Most years I do nothing but sit and watch TV, or go to a movie, or volunteer somewhere. Two years ago I went to Orlando for Thanksgiving and that was fun. This year, I'm joining in with everyone else and going to visit my parents since they live so close by and we're going to make a Caribbean attempt to recreate the whole turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, etc. meal. I'll let you know how that goes...

In the meantime, I do have so much to be thankful for, in particular my family and friends because without them, really my life would be pretty meaningless. And so it is with that in mind that I've decided to post some pics of me and the people that I am most happy to have in my life (well the ones that I have pictures of anyway...:). I'll try to find photos that bring back a good memory, hopefully for them, and myself.

Last year Christmas, I made my parents and my brother do their version of The Karate Kid, lol!

Me and my best friend/business partner Peggy in the limo going to the American Music Awards a couple years ago

Me and Joice got presented with keys to the city of Greensboro this year at The International Friendship and Freedom Games.

Me and my roommates Erica on the left and Coen on the right at our Christmas party last year

Me and Dave at his birthday party earlier this year. We had a lot of fun that night!

I couldn't resist adding this one...we were at the pre-meet dinner in Doha, Qatar last year. It was funny seeing everyone in the native attire. The things athletes get roped into doing, lol...

Me and my relay teammates, Timicka, Debbie and Chandra earlier this year at Penn Relays

Me, my dad, my mother, a couple of her sisters and some of my cousins a couple years ago in Maryland.

Me, Brianna and our friend Shevonne on a halloween boat cruise last year. Bri and I still aren't sure what exactly we were supposed to be...

Me and my girl Grace at our Christmas party two years ago

My boys David Arnold and Chris Spencer at a New Year's comedy show two years ago

My friend Nicole and I at our friend's wedding a few years back

Me and my teammate Lavern getting ready for the closing ceremonies at the Commonwealth Games in 2006

My boy Kareem. I think he's given me more advice from the "male perspective" than anyone. I'm forever in your debt, man...

Chandra, Christine, Debbie and myself leaving the party this year in Stuttgart. We were some dancing fools that night, lol! We had a ball tho...

SO......I hope you all are as blessed to have as many good friends as I do. HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYBODY!! Don't eat too much....


Anonymous said...

Happy thanksgiving to u too! Love the pics...looks like u have some great friends!

Joice said...

Jackie Jack Jack

Your too sweet!!

It was nice looking through the pics.


Remi Fagbohun said...

Happy thanksgiving to you too!!!
I will post my turkey pix in a bit...I actually COOKED!!! Now not that I cant cook, I just dont do the whole shebang... (too darn busy) but I did this time!
Then took a nap and was out shopping @ midnight!!!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

family is the bomb, even if they are all kung fu experts