Monday, November 10, 2008


On Saturday, I was supposed to be out shopping for an area rug for my client's home and somehow I ended up getting distracted. I never did find the right area rug, but I did find a great pair of shoes!!! Yeah, I know that has nothing to do with the reason for my shopping trip and why was I even in stores that sell shoes? Last I checked, there aren't too many stores that sell area rugs and shoes, lol!!

Oh well, it is what it is! I have an addiction. "Hi, my name is Jackie Edwards and I am a shoe-aholic!" There, I said it. I don't know how many pairs I have to be honest, but I thought I would give you a mini shoe show of a portion of my collection, including of course the new ones from Saturday which I plan to wear to my Hall of Fame induction at Stanford this upcoming weekend, but that's a whole 'nother story....more on that later. For now, here are just a few of my favorites...

Favorite Work Shoes (except I don't have a job, lol)

Favorite Flats (not really but I couldn't pick...)

Puma just sent another 10 pairs of shoes last week - favorite new pair...

Favorite Sling-backs

Favorite Open-toe Mules

Favorite Comfortable Heels

Favorite Pumps

Favorite Boots (I would wear these with jeans or something...)

The New Shoes from this past Saturday - love them!!

Favorite Church Shoes

Favorite 10 minute shoes (I can only really walk in these for 10 minutes cause they're so high. You can't tell from the picture...)

I don't know why I included these...

Favorite Sandals

Favorite Wedges

Can you tell I'm procrastinating on writing my speech for my induction?? And Eclectik, Mr. Shoe Guru, make sure to tell me what you think!


eclectik said...

You KNEW I'd be all over this're the illest :)


The jobless work shoes are the hotness; the color alone makes them bangers

I'm not a fan of flats on no likey the those

Those pumas are RIGHT! I adore gray/silver shoes too...I would SO rock those!

Sling backs are okay...the wedge? meh

NEVER been a fan of the toe-loop...least you're not a man...I will say your toes are cute

Love the comfy heels, they are very the ankle strap.

Those pumps are the hotness! They fit right, no toe cleave either...those hook the legs up! I can tell

That color and style on the Boots...YES! I can definitely see them with jeans or a skirt...those are seck-C

Saturday shoes are SEXY...those are the "Jack can get it rite now" shoes

Church shoes are dope...clearly you're the sexiest person in the pew...I like the strap and the heel, sets the pattern off right!

10 minute shoes? no likey...look like a sophisticated Ninja LOL

I like the idea of the Gold joints...not the execution

Meh sandals.

No on the wedges.

I SO adore and heart that you are addicted to'd be a dope girlfriend
...we would have a ball in the malls and on Zappos

Your shoe and style game is definitely tops...PLUS you know Interior're dreamy.

And your legs are amazing.


Emi's said...

First time here. dropping by from Robyn, yos seams well composed.

"Hi, my name is girls and I am a shoe-aholic!" Am yet to understand this fascination with shoes.

In my other life, The shoe(same one) would do for most occasions. It's only now that am forced to match the shoes with weather but am not going beyond 6 pairs.
m/w great legs

anonymousnupe said...

Forget the shoes, the feet are fire! And I mean that in a good way, not a "Tough Actin, Tinactin!" kinda way.

But you didn't axe about the feet, did you?

LOL @ the favorite church shoes. I wanna see the hat that goes with.

And I think I'd punch somebody in the throat for those Pumas. Well, not those Pumas, but a man's pair, you know, that fit me.

There's only a couple pair that don't do it for me. I'm not much into shoes that make a woman look like she'd snap an ankle tendon if a sudden cross wind kicked up. And anything really pointy--a la the boots--scare me. The shape is just so unnatural with regard to the foot that's in 'em.

I know, I'm simple. But that's the way Frances raised me.

Hallelujah, though, on the church shoes, again. And if you ever wanted to get a job your would-be-work shoes would carry the interview, most def.

Jim and Garret said...

Oddly, I think I liked them all. I'm glad I'm male, I think there are too many choices. I own like pair of shoes and am happy with that.


Eb the Celeb said...

OK what size do you wear because I might have to

Brianna said...

Oh how I miss living with someone that wears the same size shoe as me...

dejanae said...

a woman after my own heart
u know i feel u

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

im down with any thing showing toes maam

Elisha said...

Love the first pair of shoes….

Anonymous said...

maybe i am corny, but i sat here wondering who took the

and how come your feet aren't in any nike shox in any of the pics!? tsk! tsk! :-)

[Mind of Marcus©]

Jackie E. said...

Marcus: Lol, that's a fair question. I didn't involve anyone else in my shennanigans...I took the pictures myself! And as far as the Nikes go, I'm sponsored by Puma and I literally have more than 50 pairs of them so you wouldn't catch me in Nikes or Adidas or anything else. Puma wouldn't take too kindly to that!

Remi Fagbohun said...

I am sorry im so late!!!
Love the silver Puma's!! Super fab!
you have several pairs of what I call "fuck me" shoes. LOVE it!!!
Some i didnt really like, but I would die rather than say which ones cos im sure you love them and thats really all that matters!!!

I wonder what would happen if I did this? I am not even going to try to touch would be terrorizing to figure out which ones to photograph!!!


LaLa said...

Well HELLOOOO Jackie!! I came to your site from David Oliver's page. Woman you are a true CHAMPION, not only of track and the Olympics but of shoes girlfriend!! Go on lady! Glad to be introduced, I'll be keepin tabs.

Jaycey said...

I love the pumas best :D

You have really good taste in shoes