Saturday, September 27, 2008


10. Browsing furniture stores and getting all giddy over a nice sofa or plush bedding or beautiful artwork.

9. This one's a tie. Gossip websites. Thanks Joice, I blame this one on you. I never even knew they existed before I met you, lol! The second is reading everyone's blogs.

8. I mentioned this one already...L'il Wayne:)

7. Singing really loudly in the car when I'm on a long drive. Lord help if one of you was a fly on the walls inside the Equinox...

6. The Hills, Making the Band, Project Runway, American's Next Top Model, What Not to Wear - all reality TV shows I know and I can't WAIT for Real Housewives of Atlanta!

5. Buying all different kinds of body mists and lotions. I have waaay too many.

4. Sports in general. Track, football, tennis, golf, boxing, espn...

3. Afternoon naps.

2. Shoes. Period.

1. My Blackberry and using BBM. Outta control!!


12kyle said...

Lil Wayne?? lol

I've gotta agree that we have the same answer for #1.

The Blackberry

OMG!!! I can't put it down. Haaaaaa

Good post

Jewells said...

We really need a Blackberry intervention.

Those gossip sites are a trip.

And did you catch the last episode of Making the Band? Q and Dawn. 'Nuff said!

Keep buying all those toiletries and your counter top will look like Joice's.

DoorKey said...

Shoes. There needs to be a rehab for em'. I have to be told I can't get any more! Good post!

eclectik said...

10. YES! Z Gallerie and Crate and Barel ALL DAY! Oh and West Elm

9. Awwww man! What about my site!?

8. Feh.

7. Ooo weee Patti LaJack!

6. Spencer is the man, Dawn looks like Alf and ET, Tyra is extra, You missed a bunch, Are WE watching Survivor and Amazing race!?!?

5. Mmmmm Smelly Jack!

4. Damn right...and hook me up with some friends

3. Lazy

2. I bet the calves look wonderful in! pics!

1. Oh poo on you and that dang Berry :p


Are you reading the remix?

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

naps for the shoe addicts - of course lol

Anonymous said...


Joice said...

Aint nothing wrong in guilty pleasures

'trust me'


Mizrepresent said...

I so love furniture stores...ask Jewels...what a hype.

Lil Wayne...i ain't lying...i'm with you.

Züccaciye said...

Thank You Thank You