Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I made it back to LA last night after pretty much a whirlwind trip to Germany. I spent the first couple of days in Munich and then headed out to Stuttgart as I had mentioned. Here's a pic from Chandra's birthday dinner in the dining hall.

The day before the meet, I went to a seminar on how athletes should conduct themselves in press conferences, at meets and in the event of good and not so good results post competition. I didn't realize we needed lessons on this but I guess it can't hurt to learn something.

The weather turned pretty cold on the days of the competition but all I did was just bundle up and head on out to support everyone. Here's a picture of my friend Valerie from Munich, my Bahamas teammate and 400m runner Christine Amertil and me.

My friend Grace ended up finishing fourth in the long jump and collecting a good sized check for her efforts! Go Grace!! I started to catch a little bit of a cold so I did not go out clubbing with everyone after the first day of competition.

On the second day, David ended up winning the hurdles, as was expected and I managed to take a picture of him on his victory lap.

Later on that evening, they threw a closing party for everyone. At first it was a bit of a bore, but suffice to say as the evening wore on and people finished eating and they cleared out the tables and the DJ got his act together, let's just say a fun time was had by all in attendance.

People you wouldn't expect to be dancing were killing it, people who you knew would be gettin' it, didn't disappoint. I had a really fun night. Parties tend to be far more enjoyable when you know everyone there and track parties are notorious for being pretty good. First of all, we're one of the few professional sports where both genders compete together all the time, so we all end up being pretty good friends. Of course that creates it's own other set of problems but all in all, for the most part, we just are one big happy family. Here are just a very few of the more tame pics I took. We'll keep everything else amongst "the family", lol!

Me and Marc "Gobo Speng" Burns

One half of the Barber twins, Lisa Barber, my girl Steph Durst and Monica Hargrove

Some of the ladies....Tiff, Joanna, Dawn, Torri, Marshevet, Christine

Me, Dave, Lisa, Steph

Me and Joel

Me and Tiff

Chandra, Christine, and manager extraordinaire Paul Doyle

Me and my Bahamian homegirls, Chandra, Christine and Debbie on the bus ride back to the hotel after the party...

Anyway, I'm pretty tired but I might be headed out to Bakersfield later this morning to help my parents unpack a little as they just did their big move from San Jose.


Kiki said...

I loved your pics! I feel like I am right there with you guys. You shoulda put some of the less "tame" pics up! Woulda been FUNNY :)

Brianna said...

i want to see ALL the pics. :)

eclectik said...

Looks like a great time

Umm, Hey Jackie...we're friends right? Right.
So...would you mind introducing me to a couple of people?

Because I see 3.


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

cake looks yummy
love the pics
they need to step up that tour bus game jones lol

Jewells said...

Good times. I love pic posts cause I love looking at people. You always look so alive in your pics. Thanks for continuing to share your life with us.

Anonymous said...

Great blog Jackie! I have to admit,being a long time Monica Hargrove fan, I really didn't expect to see her in one of your photos. I'm literally getting weak in the knees just looking at her *sigh*. Monica Hargrove is ravishing!