Wednesday, September 24, 2008

SOMEBODY HAS TO SAY I might as well

Why is it that they continue to add more and more Awards shows when the ones they already have aren't that good. The Emmy's were pretty bad the other night...

For all the McCain/Palin supporters out there, (even though being non-American, I have no vote) do you REALLY think Palin could run this country in the event that she was called upon to do so??? Just the thought makes me nervous...

As big of a reality TV fan as I am, there really are too many on air right now. It's getting out of control if you ask me. Paris Hilton's New Best Friend, really???? And some of these new Game Shows, please??

Why is it that the no one likes or cares about my sport of track and field outside of every four years at the Olympics. It's still us, the same people, doing what we do year in and year out. Please show us a little love on the odd years too...

Why can't men and women think just alike? I swear it would make life a whole lot easier, lol!

If you haven't tried the Mango Strawberry Fruitista drink from Taco Bell, you are seriously missing out...

Why is Roger Clemens so surprised and distraught that they didn't invite him to the celebrations at Yankee stadium the other night? Really though, he was sitting waiting for an invite?'ve gotta be kidding!

Why is OJ such an idiot?

Between the Scion and the El Camino from back in the day, let's just say I'd rather walk thank you very much...

For the first time in my life, I've been trying to PUT ON weight, yes that's right put on about 5 or 7 pounds that I lost while I was sick in Beijing and nothing's happening!!! I'm eating ice cream, pizza, whatever and nada! All of my life, I've had to watch what I eat cause I had TOO much JITT (junk in the....) and now there's no junk to be found for miles, LOL!!!! Somebody please tell me the formula to get it back...

You know it's a sad day when I'm overjoyed that gas is UNDER $4.00/gallon. There was a time when I trained in Austin, TX around 1999/2000 when I paid 89 cents a gallon. I would've never dreamed in a million years....

How come millions of dollars are being spent every day and yet there are no new cures being found for old diseases or illnesses? When's the last time you heard someone say, we've finally found the cure for X,Y,Z!!! Cancer, AIDS, spinal injury, alzheimers, blindness....just one, please?? Can we just cure one?

I swear if Bill Clinton was to run for President again, he'd probably win!

Why am I attracted to L'il Wayne? There's really no good justification. I know, I should really keep it to myself, lol. He's probably 4ft 8 and 130lbs...

Is it me, or do some people singing karaoke get a little identity crisis every once in a while mid song and think that they REALLY are Mariah, Celine, Aretha...

And last but not least, now that Clay Aiken has OFFICIALLY come out as being gay, who amongst us didn't actually know this already? Is this really news to anyone?


eclectik said...

My New favorite post on this site of all TIME!

There IS too much Reality TV...gotta pick the cream of the crop and the most idiotic
Survivor and Amazing Race is coming...and the Real Chance of Love GOTTA watch!

I soooooooo care about your sport YEAR Round
(Though I'm trying to get over my huge crush...sure to have a new one soon) I need more coverage or more pictures on your site...I think you know the names

I've been told I think a lot like women (or Im very in tune with thier thoughts for some reason)...who knew?

I was gon blog about the Taco Bell Freeze too! It is The Tasty!


No Cure for Aids or Cancer BUT! If you cant get it up, take one of these 5,000 cures

As far as the Lil Wayne thing...look for a blog later this week.

Jumpin for Jizzzack!


Dont forget to check out the remix blog on blogspot

kiki said...

This blog is 'NANAS! I like how you think. It's very Me. LOL

anonymousnupe said...

Never thought I'd see the day, but, alas, I cosign with eclectik with regard to this being proly one of your most thought-provoking entries, J.

The real question concerning the Yanks is how in the world could they not invite the man who led them to 12 post seasons and four World Series wins, Joe Torre?! It's a crime.

My favorite reality TV show is UFC. Now that's real!

After college hoops and martial arts, track is my all-time favorite sport! As you know, my 16-year-old shorty runs, and I've got two more coming behind her. I think that's the key: Less Soccer! More Track!

Or do you really mean, "Why can't men think just like women?" There's a reason for the Mars/Venus dynamic. Trust me...or ask your dad for the biblical breakdown.

You pine for 'Lil Wayne 'cause y'all likes bad boys. It's true, right? What ya' gon' do when dey come fah you?!


Mizrepresent said...

The award's shows stink.

Reality tv has gotten on my nerves...i mean really y'all.

I love track and field, year around so you gets much love from me.

You know i'm feeling you on that Little, what's up with that...i guess SWAGGER can come in any package...heck, i used to love me some PRINCE, still do!

I'm with you on those cures, you know what it is...big money in disease and health issues, if we begin to solve them, the pharmaceutical companies wouldn't make their money off those drugs they are pilfering for cures.

K. Turner said...

Jackkiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie! You spoke my heart in this post. I was so glad that you put the pen, well cursor to the screen on this one. ;) You know I'm a huge fan of track, particularly since my Sister is gearing up to compete again as well. As for Sarah Palin...her as a running mate is a complete joke...enough said about that. Reality shows in my opinion have become a far cry from reality. As for the award shows and OJ...I don't think there is much hope for either. Same old, same old for both...very predictable!

I can pretty much stand with you on all of your thoughts with the exception of the whole Lil' Wayne thing...I'm just not so sure about that. But do you and I'll celebrate you either way. :0)

As for Clay Aiken though and that being flashed as news... for me that falls in the same category as the big fuss over the new facebook versus the old facebook. That being headlined on right under this whole government bail out fiasco just doesn't make sense to me...Americans' priorities seem to a bit off base in that regard...

Dana said...

This post is HILARIOUS!

YOU attracted to Lil Weezy?? OMG!! Haha I think it's his swagga. I'm definitely not attracted to him, but I have been attracted to overconfident successful guys who think they're the best thing since sliced maybe that's what appeals to you??

I'm totally with you on the Sarah Palin thing...she seems to be dumber than Bush...I didn't think it could get any worse than him. I was obviously WRONG!!

1/3 said...

I sooo agree. If men and women thought alike there would be little to no confusion.
guess that would be too easy huh?

LOL wow you like lil wayne? Is it his swagger or the tats? LOL j/k

clay aiken coming out the closet definitely is not any kind of news. I think he was admitting it to himself more then anything lol

Eb the Celeb said...

I thought the same thing about Aiken... I'm like whoa Clay we were really surprised... who cares!

Mes Deux Cents said...

Hi Jackie,

First; I love track and field! I've loved it since I was an eighth grader and joined the track team at school. I really think the lack of interest in T&F in the U.S. has more to do with bad marketing and lack of accessibility. Most Americans have no idea when and where track meets are held. I as a T&F fan have to really search to find out what's going on. It can be infuriating!

On Palin: Sarah "I can see Moscow from my house" Palin is astoundingly unprepared to be President. I watched the CBS interview last night and was in shock. I just can't believe that she is a candidate for Vice President, it seems surreal.

I missed your blog!

Remi Fagbohun said...

I think we both know why I watch the award shows :-) No comment ...

I had tears running down my cheeks Jackie!! Esp @ the Lil Wayne comment!!!

And this is my fav post too!! I must add you to my favs now!

Thanks for the laugh!

Jackie E. said...

Eclectik: I knew you loved track so you always get props for that!!

Kiki: Thanks:)

Anonymousnupe: I didn't realize they didn't invite Joe Torre. That's pretty ridiculous.

Miz: Thanks for feeling me on the L'il Wayne thing...must be the swagger, I don't know... and I love Prince too!

K. Turner and Dana: Did you see Palin in that interview with Katie Couric? How embarrassing!!

Mes Deux: Where've you been? Glad to have you back and you're so right about the bad marketing of track in the US.

1/3 and Eb: Well at least Clay can stop pretending now and get on with his life

Remi: You have an excuse to have to watch the awards shows but for the rest of us, for the most part it's torture, lol

Anonymous said...

Don't ask my why, but I thought track was all year round. I forgot it has seasons like any other sport.

Oh how I wish men and women thought alike. Breakup and divorce rates wouldn't be so high.

Going to Taco Bell right now. Been meaning to get one since July.

You're trying to put on weight? You've come to the right person. SMH. I wish I could give you some of the poundage I have put on. The men say they love thickness, but er ummm, they don't have to fight with jeans every day.

Liz said...

Seriously. It's like you are inside my head. I agree with you on every point!!

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