Sunday, December 16, 2007


So, the party this year ended up having a slightly different vibe from last year. Last year, it was just wild, all out, and crazy! This year, we kept it a little more "dignified". My brother came through...who everyone always says I look just like....I'm not so sure about that, Brianna was here and it almost felt like she never left. She almost went in her old room out of habit. Good thing she didn't because Coen was actually in there. LOL!!

Here is a picture of the three of us who currently live here, Erica (Dr. Witter now:), yours truly and Coen. Don't we make a cute trio?? I am going to add a couple other pictures from the party so you can check them out...

It was good to see everyone and I had a lot of fun but as a result of the fact that we didn't go all out, I was able to make it to 10am church service this morning as usual, I am happy to say and I wasn't feeling all queasy as I would have otherwise. Thanks to my boy Kareem for supplying me with the tunes. Now don't get me wrong, I did have about three pomegranate martinis, which my friend Sandra made for me -I think this is my new favorite drink - and I had some Cabernet Sauvignon so I was still feeling nice at one point but like I said we kept everything relatively under control and I am all the better for it today because I have a really hard five weeks of practice ahead of me.

I found out that my first indoor meet is going to be at the end of January and so I have to get really focused now because it is important to me to open up with a good performance this year. The last couple seasons have been tough for me and I have definitely not performed with the kind of consistency that I am accustomed to so I need to make a statement from the get go! And having confirmation of my first few meets is all the motivation I need.

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Brianna said...

there is something just....wrong about this picture. :(

well i'm excited to read your blog...i'll check it constantly because that's just what i do! if you want tips on how to get people to read here is what i suggest...

1. be on myspace (you fail)
2. tell all your friends and family
3. comment on other people's blogs (friends and strangers alike)
4. post half-naked pictures of yourself (this seems to work quite well for some reason)