Saturday, January 2, 2010

HOT/NOT SO HOT in 2010!!!

First let me say Happy New Year to everyone!!! Hope you all have a blessed and prosperous 2010. I'm looking forward to an exciting year with lots of love, life, laughter, happiness and opportunities. That being said, I was just thinking of all the things that I think are still HOT as we move into this new decade and on the flip side some of the things that are NOT SO HOT anymore and should be left behind....

HOT in 2010....Skinny Jeans on women
NOT SO HOT....Skinny jeans on men! (Actually this was never hot, lol)

HOT in 2010....Twitter (although I'm not on it), Facebook
NOT SO HOT....Myspace

HOT in 2010....Looking like a million bucks
NOT SO HOT....actually spending a million bucks (it's a recession people, be thrifty, spend wisely)

HOT in 2010....Robin Thicke, Sade, Jay-Z
NOT SO HOT....Ashanti, Pretty Ricky, Christina Milian (she's cute though)

HOT in 2010....Some reality shows are still cool - Kardashians, Project Runway, The Biggest Loser, Intervention
NOT SO HOT....For the Love of Ray J (I mean, please??!!), Girls Next Door (Played out), Jon & Kate plus 8 (SMH)

HOT in 2010....Grey's Anatomy, Nip/Tuck, Brothers and Sisters, Sportscenter, Entourage
NOT SO HOT....ER, Lost (I know everyone's gonna kill me for this, sorry I don't get it- they should be found by now), The Price is Right

HOT in 2010....(Insert your own word)
NOT SO HOT....the word "Swag"

HOT in 2010....The New York Yankees
NOT SO HOT....The New York Giants

HOT in 2010....Being a Lover, not a fighter:-)
NOT SO HOT....War, being selfish and self-centered, being petty

HOT in 2010....Being a singer who actually SINGS during your concert, ie. Beyonce, Alicia Keys
NOT SO HOT....Lip sync'ing, ie Britney Spears, sorry to say -Janet Jackson

HOT in 2010....Actually saying goodbye to someone, ie "Goodbye"...pretty simple I think
NOT SO HOT....Saying "Audi 5000" or "Holla at 'cha boy/girl"

HOT in 2010....Pedicures
NOT SO HOT....Pedicures where they put long acrylics on your toenail so it hangs over your shoe....ewwww!!!

HOT in 2010....Cooking at home (and if you don't know how to cook, then learning how to's much healthier)
NOT SO HOT....Eating fast food every day....those extra 10-15lbs will creep up on you before you know it!!!

HOT in 2010....Having a FIERCE shoe-game!
NOT SO HOT....Wearing Crocs! I'm sorry, I never really got this trend....

HOT in 2010....Blackberry Phones
NOT SO HOT....Cell phones where you have to punch 3 times to get a C or and I, lol!

HOT in 2010...NFL
NOT SO HOT...NHL (Has it ever been hot? They do have some hot players though:-)

HOT in 2010....Women being women (be a lady, take care of your man:-); men being men (chivalrous, responsible)
NOT SO HOT....Lying, cheating, playing games

HOT in 2010....Living life and enjoying it to the FULLEST!!!
NOT SO HOT....Complaining and whining all the time, but doing nothing to change your circumstance! Make changes happen!! Happiness in is a choice!!

Again, these are just my opinions and I'm sure not everyone will agree but I just thought I'd share. Feel free to say what you think is or isn't hot in 2010!

PS.** I'm about to be a part of a new TV show that will begin filming here in LA on Monday. I'm not sure yet whether I'm at liberty to talk about it in detail yet so I'll hold off for now. Suffice to say it is really interesting and a great opportunity for me and I am super excited. I hope and pray that all will go well. As with all things, you will only get out of something, what you put in and so I intend to give my all and do my very best. I look forward to sharing more with you all as soon as I am able.


Mizrepresent said...

First of all Happy New Year and congratulations on the new opportunity, hope i get to see it. Loved this post, lol at the punching 3 numbers to get a C though (uh, that might be me...but i will, be changing phones soon). Have a wonderful, fun-filled, loving, year girlfriend. You absolutely deserve it.

Anonymous said...

LOL if you think Beyonce sings live. Your an idiot. Second Janet Jackson uses backing tracks but at least she is dancing her ass off on stage.Beyonce and Britney are younger and are not doing nearly the same amount of dancing Janet Jackson does on stage.Also Janet sings to a backing track she doesnt lip sync.get your heard out of Beyonces overrated stink ass and stop hating on Janet.

Jackie E. said...

Anonymous: Whoa!!! Is it really THAT serious?? LOL!!! Like I said, these are MY opinions and I am most definitely entitled to them as are you entitled to yours. I'm not gonna even bother debating the issue because this is a light-hearted blog post. If you want to be impolite, that's your prerrogative too but I choose not to join in! Have a blessed 2010 and enjoy whichever music you like, as will I!

Eternal Lizdom said...

My Crocs and I have to take umbrage with one of those points... hahaha!!

Happy New Year to you, Jackie!!

Garret of Jim and Garret said...

Happy New Year! I like the list!

Gina said...

Fun list girl!!

Kandia said...

I'm so tired of hearing people saying "follow me on Twitter" I don't know what to do...LOL. Maybe one of these days I'll understand what the hype is about. I hear you about the shoe-game, I need to get mine together for 2010. LOL @ "holla at cha boy...I'm from the South and they wear that out down here.

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