Friday, January 16, 2009


...sung a solo in church , The Lord's Prayer to be exact, not all that long ago and almost passed out from nerves, lol?

...laughed so hard you peed your pants?

...had a bird crap on your head?

...had a complete stranger walk up to you in an airport, bend over and whisper in your ear, "I would lick you from head to toe!!!!" (-Insert stunned look of shock and awe!!)

...loved or missed someone so much that you cried?

...tripped on your own pant leg while crossing the street in Hollywood and fallen flat on your chest, dropping both the ice tea in your left hand and your purse in your right?

...driven a total of 24 hours from Austin,TX to San Jose, CA in one trip by yourself?

...bowled 264 in a game before? Don't hate the bowler, hate her game, lol!

...had your heart broken so badly you thought you'd never recover?

...installed your own ceiling fan?

...fallen asleep on a stranger's shoulder on a plane?

...chopped all your hair off - from past shoulder length to a couple of inches?

...sat in the 14th row at a Prince concert and swear on your life that he was singing directly to you?

...for that matter, have you ever not realized until you went to that Prince concert that you were so attracted to 5ft 3in men, who wear high heel boots, have hairy chests and have a better perm than you do?

...dated MacGyver, Tiger Woods and Michael your dreams?

...given someone your phone number and then 5 seconds later ask yourself, "Now why did I just do that?"

...competed as an equestrian?

...been stuck on an elevator for 2 hours with 7 Kenyans who just finished competing? All I can say is Lord have mercy!

Whose wacky life could this possibly be, lol?? Well, that would be me! I have done all of the above and it's certainly made for some interesting, funny and crazy times! Those of you who know me will probably laugh at some of the things that would only happen to Jackie!


Jim and Garret said...

I love that post! Too funny. There's only a couple I can say yes to.


Liz said...

Fun post, Jackie!! Love it!

I can also only say yes to a couple. The heart break and the hair cut. I posted aout my hair not too long ago, in fact. I even shared pics of a variety of hairstyles in my adulthood... including pics of the day I chopped 10 inches off to donate to Locks of Love- and I got it cut on my lunch hour at work!!

The licking thing in the airport... ew.

Oh! I've sung many solos- in church and on stage. So I'm well familiar with those nerves!

I've been pregnant twice. There are a lot of ways that I end up peeing my pants... even still.

Definitely missed someone so much that I cried.

A good bowling game for me would be to break 100. Yup. Sad.

I've not competed as an equestrian but my aunt has! Jumpers. And my uncle (her husband) used to train race horses- still dabbles as a hobby.

What a fun way to get to know you!

Robyn said...

yes everything but
installed my own ceiling fan?
fallen asleep on a stranger's shoulder on a plane?
chopped all your hair off - from past shoulder length to a couple of inches?

Marcus LANGFORD said...

I have loved and missed someone so bad that I cried (with them of course) and I've also had my heart badly broken to the point I didn't feel I'd recover (wouldn't you know it was by the same person I cried with because of loving and missing them so strongly!?).

My dad has had a bird expel some waste onto him before, but not I said the guy :-)

LaLa said...

Oh my goodness soooo funny!!! I'm gonna copy you Jack...I'm right with you on MacGuyver and Michael Jordan. I couldn't get past Tigers chiclets though LOL

Anonymous said...

Can't stop laughing at this one:

...been stuck on an elevator for 2 hours with 7 Kenyans who just finished competing? All I can say is Lord have mercy!

You've done a lot, Jackie. =)

Kiratiana said...

Man jackie, this sounds like a very interesting life!!!! I hope I have one like this!