Monday, June 9, 2008

How You Feeling?........Hot! Hot! Hot!

The past couple of weeks here in Orlando have been RIDICULOUSLY hot!! I mean we have been sweating our behinds off out at the track in spite of the fact that practice has been moved to 5pm. As a result, on a day like today, we didn't leave the weightroom headed home until after 9pm!! I mean it's great for training in regards to the fact that we can warmup really well and our muscles are loose. The downside is how many tan lines I now have - around my ankles where my socks are, jog bra, half tights, wristwatch - everywhere. I almost look like a painting, lol!! I swear I've turned 10 shades of black since I've been here. Gotta love it, though. I feel like I'm back home in The Bahamas.

I started thinking about the top 10 things I like to do when it's REALLY hot and here they are:

10) It's probably the only time I don't mind walking in the rain.

9) Getting in the car and pumping up the AC to high!

8) You know what, ice baths are actually a pleasure on a hot day.

7) I haven't done it in a while but going to a water theme park.

6) Cold shower

5) Drinking an icee or slurpee

4) Laying in my bed with the AC on, and flipping the pillow over to the cool side.

3) To be honest, just get me outta that heat! Give me an indoor activity....going to the mall, movies, bookstore...

2) Competing at track meet. We're all warm and ready! Let the best woman win!

1) Going to the beach in Nassau at around 6 or 7pm or so, when the sun is not as high, but the water is still 80 or 90 degrees!


eclectik said...

What? No Smoothie? how DARE you!

I say Do number 2 then 6 then 4
and I wanna come over!


anonymousnupe said...

What is it with you and Bri today gettin' your male readership all stirred up with all this zesty language! It's way too hot to be talkin' 'bout standing in the mirror naked to check out how your new tan lines accentuate the curvature of your ripplin' muscles; or how your sports bra and shorts glisten with hot workout sweat; or skinny dipping in cool transparent-blue tropical waters somewhere.

Well, at least that's what I heard. See what you did to eclectik up there?!

Jackie Edwards said...

LOL @ anonymousnupe!!! You're too funny. I could've sworn I wrote something slightly different but hey if that's your take, then who am I to disagree??!!

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

folk all i can say is welcome to the dirty

and my folk got a chain of resturants down there

dave "go-go" gordon

Akshay said...

I hate summers....being in Delhi.... I'll have to drive (actually fly) a lot to find a beach....

Dana said...

#1 sounds like HEAVEN!! =)

Anonymous said...

All day today I have been screaming about getting a slushie. I want a blue coconut slushie from Sonic so bad. This heat got folks all hostile ready to commit homicide and everything.

Good luck! That's one of the main reasons I moved from Orlando. It's sooooo stifling there!

dejanae said...

ill take walking in the rain for 300

Mizrepresent said...

Dang, that Nassau beach sounds great with a slurpee. I hate hot weather, i really do, but i live in HOTAtlanta, so what's a sista got to do...well let me tell you, stay inside, bc, i'm the darker shade of brown and bake like charcoal. lol, i really do know my limits, but ain't nothing like a cool dip in the pool, lake or ocean, on a hot day, oh and of course a cool drink!

Anonymous said...

It's been hot as fish grease here in the District as well. However, the past couple of days there has been no humidity and the temps have been hovering in the late-80's, and it is actually bearable. I hope that it continues to stay like this because that humidity is murder!

:::Marcus LANGFORD:::

eclectik said...

I'm back and...yes.

What is the perfect beverage that's not water on a HOT day?


Jackie Edwards said...

E - you might have been right about that smoothie!!

Anonymous said...