Thursday, March 20, 2008


Ok, so before I even begin this post, let me just acknowledge that I know I am probably going to be in the minority on this one. Now that I've gotten that out of the way, I'll proceed. I am not and never have been, as all of my friends will attest to, into anything "name brand". I am not into the latest Prada shoes, or Gucci bag or Fendi this and Burberry that. Now that is not to say that I don't have eyes and that I can't see the beauty in these things. I see you in the Seven jeans that fit oh so well, and I see your Chanel sunglasses and think that they look nice on you and I see how your Louis Vuitton bag is looking really cute with that outfit but in spite of my awareness of that, I am not moved.

I am not motivated to buy it, sport it, flaunt it, save for it....none of that. I am probably one of the most low maintenance girls around. I would say it's because I grew up in the Islands but that's not it, because almost all of my girlfriends from home have something from just about every designer there is. Truth is, I think it's just me.

I've had one facial in my life and that was at the Olympics in Sydney in 2000 and to be honest, I didn't like it that much. I've had 2 pedicures, one manicure....don't get me wrong on this one though, because I keep my hands and feet in check!!! Most definitely!! I just do it myself. I RARELY go to the hairdresser...maybe once a year if at all. I'm pretty good at taking care of my own hair. Just give me a box of Optimum Care Regular perm and a pair of scissors and I can perm and trim hair with the best of them!! OK...I'm straying off the topic a bit, but I think it's all kinda related.

My thing is I like to get dressed up and I like nice things but I think the whole label thing is just not my cup of tea. Now, if one of these people were to sponsor me....lets say Christian Louboutin...oh be guaranteed, that I would be rocking a pair of red soled shoes with the best of them but until such time, thanks but no thanks. I'm not going to be spending upwards of $500 on a pair of shoes to have some person's name sprawled across my chest, foot, whatever!!

A good friend of mine, who has the latest and best of everything, shoes, sunglasses, jewelry, jeans tells me when I ask him about it that everyone just has their own likes and priorities. He says that he couldn't afford these things when he was younger and so now that he can, he'll buy the best of whatever he wants. In addition to the fact that he actually likes the stuff anyway. I'm not mad at him. Truth is, I'm not sure what I spend my money on. I have a house in Austin, TX. I just bought a new car a month ago. Living in LA costs a lot just for no good reason so that takes up a lot of money. And I do like to shop so don't get it twisted. I think my taste for things is just different, but to each his own.

It's funny because often times my "name brand" friends will see me wearing something and ask me where I got it and I have to do a little chuckle because I know and they probably know that it's not in the same types of stores that they frequent:), but it still looks nice!

All of this, to say that since I have been training down here in Orlando with my dear friend Joice, something shocking has happened. Joice is definitely into her designer items...not overly so, but she has a few choice pieces. Go 'head Ms. Thing!! The other day we were out shopping at the Outlet Stores and she was going into the Coach store and I told her I would just wait at the door. I don't think I've ever even been in a Coach store. She somehow convinced me to go inside and "browse" around the sales that were going on throughout the store. Why did I end up buying this Coach wrist purse? It's brown and it's kinda cute actually!!

So here we have it, I have been forever changed:)) My first foray into the world of Designer goods. Then to top it off, she ended convincing me to buy a pair of Miss Sixty jeans that really do fit well/better than any of my other jeans that I have....hmmmm. Maybe there's something to this. LOL!! Just kidding! Trust me - I know myself well enough to know that this little taste, while fun and different will not change my flavor completely, if it all, but it sure was fun, for just one day!!


Brianna said...

I am just stoping by to CO-SIGN on jackie being entirely too low maintenance! But I am happy you are venturing out of your shell...just a little.

dejanae said...

dont let it become a habit
next thing u know, ur on Dr. Phil tryna beat a shopping addiction and 30,000 dollars in debt off designer purses and shoes
im with u
not all up on the name brand stuff
lotta cute stuff that won't cost me a month's rent

jjbrock said...

Jackie that is a good thing. It's nothing wrong with being low maintenance. You are not in the minority on this I don't knock any one who like designer stuff. Right now just give me a good fit I am happy. If I could afford designer stuff it would be St. John and Jimmy Choo. Those shoes of to die for.

David Oliver said...

I just bought a new pair of Prada high tops and a pair of Gucci low's, meant to tell you that earlier.

12kyle said...

You've had 2 pedicures, one manicure??? Wow! That's amazing. LOL

Nothing wrong with low maintenance. Much better than the alternative. haaaa

Joice Maduaka said...

Why you broadcasting that I took you to the 'dark side' ? lol

Its funny because everyday this week I have seen you sporting your coach wrist purse.

You was even tried to accesorize it with your tracksuit at practice.

Fellow blog readers don't be fooled. Im sure we will see her competeing in a Gucci sweat band by the end of the summer.

Just messing Jack


Jackie Edwards said...

C'mon Joice....why are you trying to cause me touble today???? Let's be for real...accessorize with the track suit?? Funny - yes! True - NOT!!! That would be kinda lame no matter what kind of track suit I had on. So please disregard her remark!! Thank you:)

Jackie Edwards said...

And for those of you that might not know, David is the guy I was referring to with the latest and best of everything. He really does have an extensive collection. Lucky for him, he wears it all very well:)

eclectik said...

Here's the thing
It's not about the labels (for some) The QUALITY it the thing
Once you get some "good stuff" you notice how much better it is than something 'less expensive' or a different brand

Be it the color, fit, the durability...etc

the other thing is pretty women can get away with wearing almost long as it's clean and flattering lol

I'm REAL low maintenance...i just have expensive tastes


Jewells said...

What good is your new wrist purse going to do you on the inside of your bag?? LOL.

Nothing is wrong at all with your shopping tastes. Maybe we can bargain shop together next time we're in the same city. We'll just have to keep Joice @ home to be safe:)

And I will change your mind on facial treatments...and I won't have you walking around with cotton left on your lashes...LOL.

Marcus LANGFORD said...

this is a very humbling post indeed. while i do like name brand things, i keep a very low profile as to what type of name brands i represent. my true friends know that i collect and sport nike shox, citizen watches, stacy adams dress shoes and suits, but that is the extent of it. i do not have any of that ridiculously-priced foreign brand stuff draped over me because i am a simple brotha; i stay away from the flashy stuff.

while i believe that quality can be costly, you still gotta have some common sense and not live outside of your means.

and the flip side of that coin is to be able to treat yourself to something special every now and then; everyone deserves that :-]

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