Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Since this is the 25th Anniversary of Michael Jackson's Thriller, I thought it would be appropriate to post this video. I think it is one of the MOST HILARIOUS videos I have ever seen. Even if you have seen it already, I think it's worth watching again. For some reason, these inmates at The Cebu Detention Center in Cebu, Phillipines were made to perform the entire dance routine part of the Thriller video! All 1500+ of them in their orange inmate attire. They even dressed one of the inmates up as a girl for the female role - he doesn't make a very pretty girl, unfortunately. Anyway, they do a pretty good job but the thought of them having to practice the routine over and over to perfection is enough to make me laugh out loud for real!! Watch and enjoy!



Anonymous said...

That is sooooo messed up! But I am LMBO! Not only that, but these bammas were on point with their moves...is this how they roll in the prison system over there [shakin' head].

'Thriller' is one of the most iconic videos ever and it is obvious that the album is a staple in pop culture.

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Anonymous said...

That's hilarious! I'm mad at the manchick though. They couldn't find a cuter dude??

Thriller is pretty much the only movie that actually scares me down to the core. I think it's the buildup. Something about the whole setup gets you all involved and then homeboy flips out on the chick and she's all by herself. I lose it every time!

Ron Bramlett said...

Yeah I wonder how that guy got picked to be the girl.. Was that punishment for something he did? Even if I'm in the slammer, I'll be d@mned if anyone tries to dress me up like that..

That vid has over 11 million hits!!

Anonymous said...