Saturday, January 12, 2008

To Catch A Predator

I'm sure you've all seen the NBC investigative show where they set up these stings to catch unsuspecting men/predators/child molestors. I was watching a rerun of one of the episodes tonight and was amazed once again at just how many men they catch.

The premise of the sting is they have a group of people who work for a group called Perverted Justice who pose as children around the ages of 13-15 who go into these chat rooms on the internet and lure grown men into conversations where the men end up discussing in very explicit detail what they would and will do to these young girls or boys. Then the men make arrangements to meet the "children" at their perspective homes. Sure enough, they show up with the expectations of having inappropriate contact with the minors. Everyone from the guy next door to priests, rabbis, black men, white men, married men, counselors - any and every type of guy. They come in the house and within a matter of seconds, the host of the show appears through a doorway and informs the perpetrators that they have been caught and that they were basically set up.

Now I have to say, the look on some of these guys face is PRICELESS and so are the stories they concoct! If the situation wasn't so dire, it would almost be funny. They go from being cocky and confident to mere quivering, pleading boys. It must be so humiliating, to say the least. Inevitably, they all say the same thing - I've never done anything like this before; I wasn't planning on doing anything, just wanted to hang out; I knew that this was a sting all along, I was just checking.

Yeah right!!!! Are we supposed to be idiots? Were we born yesterday? Are we naive, stupid??? C'mon! I guess when you are caught red-handed with your hand so far in the cookie jar that you might as well cut it off at the wrist, you say some pretty dumb things - anything to try and get out of the situation.

The dumbest thing is that many of these men have seen the To Catch A Predator show before and in spite of all their misgivings and hesitation, they forego common sense and show up anyway. They should get locked for stupidity alone! My thing is, obviously they have all done this before. You do not just wake up one day and say, "Hmmm, what shall I do today? Oh I know, I'm gonna go molest a child!" These people deserve to be caught. They deserve to be sentenced. They deserve to be humiliated. They deserve everything that comes to them as a result. Lord only knows what happens to those guys when they go to jail. I think I've heard that one of the most hated type of inmate within a prison, is anyone who hurts or molests a child. Oh well, you reap what you sow is what I say.

Can you imagine watching this show and seeing someone you know - a friend, a relative, a sibling, your pastor, your spouse for goodness sakes on there!!! I think nothing would be more mortifying...and so it should be! If this show does nothing else but stop one more guy from molesting another child, then job well done!


mattio said...

Another To Catch a Predator fan. Good. I am a big fan of the show.

While you think the subject matter keeps it from being truly comedic, I have to disagree with you. Because there is no actual minor involved in the show, the predator has been rendered completely harmless. That makes it hysterical in my book.

I am a TCaP addict. I watch the clips on youtube all the time.

I am now an expert on the show. I try to stay informed on what happens to the predators. Like the doctor who threw his sunglasses as he was being arrested. Did you know he hired a fancy lawyer and has a good chance at getting let off? I hope not, but it doesn't look good.

Jackie Edwards said...

I guess you're right about there being no actual minor involved, but just the fact that their intentions are so disgusting and knowing that in all likelihood they have done it before, makes my skin crawl just a little!

Ron Bramlett said...


I love when they come in and then Chris Hansen shows up and says, "Have a seat," and they just SIT RIGHT DOWN rather than haul-ass out of there (and into the swam of cops outside)..

And when they say, "Oh, I was just coming to make sure she (the kid) didn't do anything dangerous. I was just coming to check on her."

Yeah right perv!! They're really gonna love you in C-block!!

I know this show isn't meant to be funny, but I laugh every time Chris Hansen scolds them, and the excuses they try to make are ridiculous.

The internet is a scary place.

Anonymous said...

I am a big fan of this show (should I say fan???) because I always like to see dirty old men get caught and punished. I remember watching the show one night and doing a post about it on my blog as well. I just had to share how much it irritated me that a grown man would go through such great lengths to mess around with an under age girl. I really do not understand this and I guess I will never understand because it's just not worth it.

Some of the funniest episodes are when the guy gets caught, goes outside and gets rushed by the police and then cries talkin' about "I wasn't going to do anything!!!" That statement in itself is stupid because if you had intentions do anything, you would not be there in the first place! Or they give Chris Hansen that line: "I was just coming here to tell her to be aware of Internet predators..." Um...ding ARE the predator dummy!

The list of excuses just on and on and I just watch these turkeys lie themselves right into the hands of the law. LOL!


Anonymous said...

I have never watched this show. Acutally, I haven't heard of it. I might have to check it out.

Predators are very disturbing. I wonder what goes through their minds. What would make them want to be with someone underage. I know with all the steriods they put in food has these kids looking all grown, but still...still there lies evidence of innocence.

Anonymous said...

@ Jewells: I will never understand this either. Even with these girls lookin' the way they do, as a grown-a** man, you still know when the girl is underage, especially when the basis of the conversations are about sneakers and stuffed animals.


ABOLD1 said...

And worse, the worst predator (who brought a cat) was from Florida by way of....wait for it....Trinidad! Lovely. The show is great, although legally a lot of cases have been thrown out of court for entrapment, etc. It is hugely entertaining, though, and yes, they all are doing it for the first time...never did it before. Hang 'em high!

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