Wednesday, April 1, 2009


"If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy, and inspires your hopes." - Andrew Carnegie

I read this quote yesterday and I really liked it. I think that if you asked most of my friends that they would say that I'm generally a happy-go-lucky, easy-going, laid-back kind of person and that I don't take myself too seriously. (At least I hope they would say that:) One of my personal mottos is "Be joyful at all times" and I think in a large part, I have been able to fulfill that motto because I've had a goal and a passion for so many years that commands my thoughts, liberates my energy and inspires my hopes.

Of course, that goal and passion has been for me to be the best athlete that I can be! I have had the pleasure for quite a while now to do something for my profession that not only do I love, but that motivates me, that challenges me mentally and physically and that forces me to push myself beyond even my own expectations and makes me have hope that I can still be in and day out. When you can get up every day and be happy about the day that lies ahead, what more can you really ask for?

I have many friends who might make more money or who might be CEOs or attorneys or accountants or whatever and they absolutely hate their job. They do it more because they feel they have to or they ought to rather than because they want to. I am blessed because I get to do what I want to do.

I consider myself to be an eternal optimist, perhaps to a fault. I am really good at getting back up when things go wrong. No matter what happens, I really try to find the proverbial silver lining, or if I can't do that, then just to look at the bigger picture. Last year's Beijing experience was a PRIME example of me having to just dust myself off, get over the pity party and get on with the business of life! It wasn't easy but nobody died for heaven's sake. I didn't lose a limb. My friends and family still loved me. Trust me, this is not to minimize the extreme disappointment and embarrassment that I experienced in any way but more of the mentality that you have to have to put things in perspective when things don't go as planned. Last night when I was talking to my friend, he said this very thing and basically how in track we almost HAVE to be that way; whether it be because of injury, losing a competition, not living up to your own expectations, or because of naysayers, you have to find a way to motivate and believe in yourself and you have to have the thickest of skins.

So all I'm saying is, if you're not happy, whether it be at your job, in your relationship, with your friends, or in your life in general, set that extraordinary goal that completely moves you and go after it. If no one died, and your bills are being paid and you have your health and the love of those around you, what are you waiting on? Stop waiting for people or things to bring you joy, make yourself happy and do what it is that you want to do! You just might be surprised by the outcome!


anonymousnupe said...

I start my new web gig with the Treasury Dept. on 4/13. PTL?!

Anonymous said...

The last sentence of your post says it all and says it very loudly. No one should be waiting for anyone to bring them the joy that they seek in life.

A lot of folks have pity parties when their life is in shambles for one reason or another. Pity never gets anyone anywhere and pity is more than likely the reason why life is still crappy (for lack of a better term).

Even with your experience in Beijing, though not the best, still taught you how not to pity your situation because you realize that life is still good; you are a trooper Jackie!

Oh BTW, I'm sure some of your CEO, attorney, and doctor friends will resent your comment about them not hating their J/K, I just had to mess with you.

But um, great post sis!

Anonymous said...

I heard that! I think that everyone in my life should ADD to it, not take away from it or "complete" it. In regards to pity parties, I find that extremely annoying. If you are begging me to care, then you're probably not worth caring about in the first place. I have friends who do this, but I'm not the one to play into it. I will hear what they have to say, give them advice that is neutral and positive, and then I move on. As a result,most of my friends call me when they're in need of encouragement, and thank me for keeping it real with a touch of compassion.

eclectik said...

I'd love to be come train outta DC so it can be. said...

Hey there Jackie!

What a great piece!

Thanks for this blogging effort! I am glad that I found your spot!

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

now thats what im talking about - well said. do it dont talk without action

Anonymous said...

Good words, Jackie. Definitely something I needed to read tonight. Now I must apply and take action.