Tuesday, August 12, 2008


So I have one week to go before my qualifying round in the long jump on August 19th. So far my training has been going very well and I looking forward to the competition. My start time next week is at 9:15am and so I have been getting up pretty early to get my body accustomed to being active at that time of day. If any of you know me, you'll know that I am not really a morning person. Funny thing is though,once you get on a routine, it really isn't that bad.

The weather here is CRAZY! The day of the opening ceremonies it was ridiculously hot and humid, the following day, it was pretty hot in the morning, cool and breezy in the afternoon, the next day we had TORRENTIAL downpours, and then back to hot today. Who knows what to expect from day to day, so you really just have to be ready for anything.

I've been having a pretty good time here in the village just walking around and seeing the different athletes that are here. There is a lot to do here so there's not too much down time. I'm planning on heading out to the swimming in the next couple of days to see Mr. Phelps do his thing. You know he looks a lot taller on TV.

I'm a big tennis fan and so I really want to get a chance to get out the tennis venue to see who I can see. Right now Nadal is playing Hewitt, but I'm just watching a TV in the village. Everyone's been going shopping down in this area called the silk market where they have the best of the best knockoffs of everything from Gucci to Prada and everything in between. Me being the non-name brand girl that I am, I haven't ventured down there yet but I might go take a look one of these days, we'll see.

Anyway, here are few pics of me just hanging out and then one of the building in which the Bahamas team is staying. That's it for now. Tomorrow is my day off but Brooks told me to come out and do a jog, stretch, massage, icebath, etc. I'm still gonna head out pretty early so that I don't break my rhythym.


atropos said...

Looks like you are having a blast! Oh I so envy you :P

Good luck on your jump :)

Angela Chen Shui, "The Soul Alignment Coach" said...

Thanks for sharing and I'm rooting for you!!!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

uh, folk, can a black man get a closs up of u rock that pimp hat and of them legs folk lol

eclectik said...

Awwww man
No piece of paper saying "Hey eclectik, wish you were here"



Joice said...

Hey Jack
Do your thing
You know I'll be up watching


anonymousnupe said...

Tennis is crazy at the Olympics! How do the Williams sisters lose, and James Blake beat Roger "Superman" Federer?!!

So what's your take on the air quality? I've heard both ends of the spectrum on that topic.

And do you feel pretty safe (you appear to be rather alone/detached in those photos), especially after the terrible stabbing?

Isn't it weird how a "day off" in track still entails doing some of the same stuff you do on an on day, just with less intensity? I'm glad it doesn't work that way in the 9-to-5 world. "Uh, yeah, on your day off we need you to come to the office and code some Web pages; just with fewer colors and a little less functionality, ok?" LOL!

I'll be watching you! God speed!

dejanae said...

good luck hon
sounds like good times

Jackie Edwards said...

Thanks everyone for checking in on me.
Torracnce: I need to zoom in a little better next time:)

Eclectik: You know I knew there was something I forgot to do!

Joice: Thanks hon, whats the deal? New blackberry pin yet? I'm going through withdrawals, lol!

Anonymousnupe: You know what's funny? When you're here you really don't even get to keep up with what is really going on. Until you told me, I didn't even know the Williams sisters had lost and that's coming from a huge tennis fan. You get so caught up in training and treatment, and rest and planning your day that you miss out on a lot. If it weren't for the daily newspaper, I'd really be out of it. As for the opening ceremonies, in spite of the fact that I was in it, I really and truly have no idea what exactly happened cause we miss a lot of the good stuff:( Oh well, I have DVD of the opening that I plan on watching so I can see what really went down.

Jackie Edwards said...

Atropos and Angela: Thanks for the good wishes

figurin said...

great blog!

Athene said...

thanks for sharing !


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