Thursday, July 31, 2008


So I'm in San Jose for a few days visiting my parents, who by the way left two days after I got here to go home to The Bahamas. Great timing, right??!! Anyway, because I don't have access to a college weightroom, I was forced to go the local 24 Hour Fitness Gym to get my weight workout in yesterday. Any athlete who lifts weights seriously, particularly any females out there, can appreciate what I mean when I say that lifting weights at a "regular" gym, is something I'd rather not do.

I don't mean anything offensive by saying this, but it just never is quite the same as when you lift at a University athletic gym or say at Disney. In these types of environments, everyone is on the same page, with a specific workout goal in mind. It's not social, well maybe a little, but work gets done! In the "regular" gym, there is soooo much more going on in there.

There are the muscle men who only lift all these heavy weights on their upper bodies and want to make sure that everyone else hears and sees them; there are the glamour girls in the latest spandex outfit and tons of makeup without an ounce of sweat to be found anywhere; there are the people who really don't know what they're doing, just taking their sweet time to figure out the machines; and there are just the socialites who have decided that the gym is the best place to find a date or just have conversation. Of course, there are some people in there who really came to workout too but, they seem to be few and far between.

So a female athlete comes in, who they realize is NOT a "regular" and the first thing you see is all the eyes following you, then everyone wants to come up and ask "if you run track", or if you're a police woman, lol, or why you're doing power cleans or if you need a spot?! So nice of everyone and I know people have the best of intentions but a workout that normally would take an hour ends up taking one and a half to 2 hrs by the time you politely answer all the questions and wait for the one squat rack to open up.....can you sense my frustration:) Oh well, in the end, it's just part of the deal I guess and you gotta do what you gotta do to get the workout in.

I have to go back tomorrow but I think I'm going to wear my I-pod and see if that helps. I've tried that tactic before and people usually just come up and tap you on your shoulder to make sure you hear them, lol. Oh well, good thing I don't have too much else on my schedule.


Anonymous said...

my training facility of choice is definitely gold's gym mostly, because those 24-hour gyms are the worst of all commercial gyms; there are some definite weirdos hangin' out at these places. they are usually concerned about lookin' pretty and focused on getting to that smoothie bar after a 10-minute light walk on the treadmill. Twenty-four hour gyms are definitely not for the serious or hardcore athlete.

the same experience that you shared, i have experienced a number of times myself when i have decided to work out at a 24-hour "fitness" facility. for one thing i am not a fitness athlete, i am a competitive bodybuilder, so just like yourself, my workouts are a bit unorthodox than the usual gym-goer. most of the folks at those types of gyms are in there for little less than real athletic achievement; not that i have anything against anyone that is not training for an athletic purpose, but you get my point.

your i-pod will be your best friend because folks are less likely to bother you when they see you with earbuds and it'll allow you to really focus on your workouts as well.

best wishes in your journey to and in the mighty "O".

:::Marcus LANGFORD:::

eclectik said...

Let me find some Jumpin Jackie Flash in my gym...I'ma ask for an autograph and tell you my cell number.

And leave so you wont see me struggle with 225 :)

Darn you and the west coast and the islands...there's a treadmill or two on the East Coast!


Mike Calelly said...


I am assuming you are in San Jose, CA. If that is the case there is actually a very large olympic weightlifting population there. check out this website it is pretty close to San Jose. They will have bumper plates, quality bars and equipment for you to be able to work out in peace. Best wishes on a good Olympics.

Mike Calelly

Brianna said...

wow, I'm surprised you don't do a better job of blending in!

anonymousnupe said...

What you need is a t-shirt--an assortment of them, in fact--that features an off-putting slogan. Something like, "Olympian in
Training," or "If you can smell me you're too close." Yeah, that's it.

Anonymous said...

What you describe is one of many reasons why I am not anxious to join a regular gym again. No, I am not much the athlete, but I do enjoy working out and breaking a sweat. I can't stand to hear all that grunting and tossing of weights after finishing reps. And the chicks in there trying to get a hot date...SMH.

But I digress...

figurin said...

great blog!

Mrs. Success said...

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