Thursday, May 29, 2008

Why? wHy? whY?

A few weeks ago, I did a post querying why this and why that? I've had a few more thoughts since then so here we go:

Why is it that you can pluck one eye brow hair and it'll grow right back, but then it just stops growing? Why don't they just keep growing and growing and growing??? (Actually, that would not be a good look, LOL!)

Why is it that when I try to lose weight I can't but then when I have no interest in it, weight just seems to fall off?

Why did it just snow in North Dakota a couple weeks ago? Glad I don't live there!

Why does anyone live in North Dakota?

Why do I quote Oprah as a source for factual evidence?

Why do I hate driving so much? I swear if I win the lottery, I'm getting a driver!

Why do so many people from the Caribbean not know how to swim? Answer: Cause we just go in the ocean to "cool off", not for sport! (For the record, I CAN swim)

Why do Americans pay so much in taxes and then still have to pay for healthcare? (We don't have income tax in the Bahamas:)

Why did they ever invent the blackberry? Seriously, why? They must really want people to crash while they're driving, not that I would ever use that thing when I'm on the road or anything!

Why do we need passports? Just because I paid a fee for this visa and you stamped your stamp in there doesn't mean I won't come in your country and act a complete fool.

Why don't I just trade in my SUV for a tricycle? I'd sure save a whole lotta money on gas!

Why is it that I don't swear? For some reason it doesn't feel right coming out of my mouth.

Why do people generally either love or hate The Lakers? I for one, love them!

What's with foot fat? You've seen those ladies with the strappy shoes that are SO tight that it looks like their foot is just one big overstuffed muffin!

In that same vein, if your toes are jacked, why would you wear open toed shoes?

Why do you get paid $25,000 to LOSE in the first round of the French Open? Who can't do that?

Why on a bad day, does my hair look like old school Tina Turner?

What happened to Rosie O' Donnell? She used to be the "queen of nice". Now she's just annoying.

Why do some people think it's ok to talk on their phone at the movies. Unless someone's dying, it's NEVER ok, OK?

Why is it that a couple grains of sand can literally make or break my day?

And lastly, why do I often have to translate from English to English for my mother when we're at the cash register checking out? They're just saying cash, check or charge, mom. It's not a trick question:)


anonymousnupe said...

I think the real question, with regard to swearing, is why it is that everybody else does swear! (We don't either, by the way.) It's vile habit. (Of course I have other issues, but swearin's not one.)

And one of my favorites: Why do they call it a "perm" if you have to get it done again...and again...and again...?

Anonymous said...

why does it seem like every brotha playin' in the nba finals has a minimum of five tattoos and/or cornrows. smh!

:::Marcus LANGFORD:::

Jackie Edwards said...

You know, I was just thinking the same thing as I sit here watching the game. I think there should be rules and regulations like after a certain age, cornrows are no longer allowed. Or maybe they should like drugs in sports, put on the banned list, LOL!

Mizrepresent said...

lol@why -i got my eyebrows waxed probably 4 mos ago and they never grew back. I have some suttle baldheaded

I don't, hardly ever swear in person, but while i'm writing i will run the gammit.

Brianna said...

speaking of cornrows after a certain age.... LOL.

Eb the Celeb said...

Girl.. dont let the crackberry get you into an accident!

and I dont hate the lakers but I dont want Boston to take the whole thing

Malibu said...
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Malibu said...

My parents are HUGE Laker fans!! All of their friends AREN'T!! =) So I totally understand you on that one!

I swear more than your average woman I guess. So that's probably why you don't...I do it enough for the both of us. I don't necessarily consider it a flaw...only a form of self expression!! LOL =) I've tried to stop but in the middle of me saying "SH!T...whoops! SH!T...I said SH!T again!" I just stopped trying to stop.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

chk the nd task cvode and u will see y lol and like u fat

Anonymous said...

Why is it that you can pluck one eye brow hair and it'll grow right back, but then it just stops growing? Why don't they just keep growing and growing and growing??? (Actually, that would not be a good look, LOL!)

Because pulling the hair from its follicle in any manner disrupts the growth. At any point it can decide not to grow back. May happen the first time, may happen the third time. Never pluck or wax if you want hair to grow again.

LOL @ the foot fat!